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Here is an outline from SportsLine for understanding basic terms and concepts in the sports wagering industry:. Perhaps the most common question newcomers have when they see sportsbook odds is, "What do the numbers mean? While the plus and minus signs might look confusing at first, they are easily explained. Take the following listing you might see in a sportsbook:. In this example, the Giants are three-point favorites against the Cowboys. The spread is essentially a mathematical formula used to bridge the talent gap between teams and incentivize potential bettors into considering both sides. The spread is a handicap that requires the favored team to win the game by an ascribed number of points in order for the bettor to win his wager on the team.

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Online sports betting legal pain

Voters in Maryland , Louisiana and South Dakota all approved wagering on their respective ballots, but it will now be up to lawmakers in each state to determine how — and when — wagering begins. Maryland seems like a lock for statewide mobile betting, but it may limit participation to just a handful of operators. Meanwhile, Iowa is already set to sunset its in-person registration requirement for mobile betting next week, a move that could quickly spur greater operator and customer participation for the legal market.

And, perhaps most critical to the market overall, New York is set to once again consider statewide mobile betting. What has been a politically futile endeavor for several years now seems to have new life as the state faces a multibillion-dollar budget deficit and an April 1 deadline to rectify it. Mobile betting with remote registration would quickly take New York from an afterthought in national sports betting to an industry leader, pushing the U.

All this comes as at least a dozen states will consider new sports betting measures of their own. A few more states with multi-operator markets, mobile registration and statewide access, combined with the continued success of the existing and pending launches, could help the incredible progress be just part of even greater growth for years to come.

Check out The Action Network for more expert sports betting information and to find the best online sportsbooks. Skip to content. Sports Betting Records Sets. Tennessee , which took its first bet on Nov. Limited Markets Fall Behind. If you are looking for the safest way to play games with good promotions, you can consider online casino no deposit bonuses from this site.

Keeping track of trustworthy operators can be tough since new ones are beginning to pop up on a daily basis. Even though interesting bonuses and promotions can be appealing, there are also other aspects of an online casino that make it worth your money and time, like good reviews and a bountiful selection of games. As mentioned in the previous section, there are many similarities between online casinos and sports betting.

However, the core difference is the users. Sports betting will always be more attractive to sports fans. Breaking news, I know. Furthermore, while some casino games rely on actual knowledge and skills, most of them also count on luck and chance. The bettor who has a solid understanding of sports, players, and rules, can also understand the odds or predictions, and then place a winning bet on a certain game.

Sports betting and online casinos will always be linked in this way or another unless UFFda! Changes the game and lands us our biggest brand ambassador yet… Pete Rose. Related Articles. Jan 30, Jan 30, 6, Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Check Also Close. Would love your thoughts, please comment.

A new policy from Visa could pave the way for more widespread acceptance of online sports betting payments in the US.

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Online sports betting legal pain The first shocker was as a seed over Charles Barkley's 5-seed Auburn inthe biggest upset in tournament history at the time. Visit FanDuel. Its presence continues to grow here in the US as well. Virginia Tech Hokies 1: vs. The above list will be growing longer before too long. Odds and lines are on point, and BetMGM goes deep into the well with market offerings.
Wertheim bettingen pensionen Phil Murphy on June The team is officially the Washington Football Team for now until another team name is chosen later. ET on Thursday, January Ina struggling economy that saw both the state lottery and the casinos take a significant financial hit led to a proposal by Governor Jack Markell for establishments to add single-game sports betting. What a meteoric rise the Liberty football program has been on! New York Giants.
Notre dame vs alabama betting line 2021 It was such a major rivalry that President Coolidge attended the rivalry game in The Spiders play their home games at the Robins Center in Richmond. Outside of the standard sides and totals, take a look to see what it has to offer on futures and props. Users can sign up to be a part of iRush Rewards. Efforts to authorize mobile wagering were short-lived during the legislative session. For another option to get some skin in the game, consider daily fantasy sports.
Online sports betting legal pain United play their home games at Audi Field in Washington, D. United have won the most MLS Supporters' Shields, given to bitcoins documentary addict club with the best record in the regular season, and they were the first team to win the Supporters' Shield and the MLS Cup consecutively. Bet Wizards at Crazy Boosted Odds. Moneyline odds can vary by operator, so shopping around is definitely worth it. The Flames have made four NCAA tournament appearances and won their first-ever game in their most recent appearance, an upset as a seed over Mississippi State in The app is smooth, and we found the betting slip function to be top-notch.
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However, the change from Visa is not an attack on the industry and any disruption likely will be temporary. Ultimately, that could encourage the card issuers to embrace gambling and process those transactions, expanding options beyond PayPal and the like.

Visa is heavily engaged with the sports betting industry, and hopefully more issuers are coming on board. Pappano named Bank of America , Capital One and Chase as the key issuers who have not yet embraced gambling. However, Chase has started accepting debit card transactions and is expected to expand that to credit in Q1 Pappano said he expects Bank of America to start taking debit card transactions for gambling in Q1.

That could pave the way for full acceptance of betting transactions across the US, and ultimately, a meaningful uplift for US sportsbook operators. Brad has been covering the online gambling industry in Europe and the US for more than four years, most recently as the news editor at EGR Global. Retail continued to struggle, however. The fourth quarter also saw Entain receive sports betting licences for its Bwin, Gamebookers, Ladbrokes and Sportingbet brands in Germany, ahead of a transition period in which it may offer online casino beginning.

Efforts to expand into new markets was once again stepped up in Q4, with a deal to acquire Portuguese operator B et. He will also assess data from its m customers in his new role, to develop new player protection controls. Looking ahead to , Entain said it begins the year with strong momentum from Q4 carrying over, particularly in the US and core markets. Jette Nygaard-Andersen.

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This means that the favorite must win by two runs or goals. There is also a money or decimal line tied to the alternative line. If the underdog only loses by one, then that side wins these alternative lines. The side laying 1. That is because winning by two in baseball and hockey is extremely difficult.

A very strong team would have to play a very weak one for the 1. A total is the number of points scored in a match. In boxing , it means the total number of rounds a match goes. The points from both sides count in a total. There are alternative lines where the points of just one side count towards the number. Totals may push if they are on a whole number. A parlay is when a bettor buys a ticket that wins based on two or more outcomes. This can be money lines, point spreads, totals, alternative lines or a combination of all.

Plays that are correlated may not be placed on the same parlay card. For example, a money line bet on one team and taking the point spread on the same game is not permitted. A total with one of those is typically permitted. The house edge on parlays is well above 10 percent. The more teams that are involved in a parlay, the higher the payout. Higher payouts also equal a higher house edge. Parlays are typically thought to be sucker bets because of the high juice charged by the sportsbook. All portions of a parlay ticket must win.

Some parlay cards disclose that ties lose. Teasers are available in American football and basketball. A teaser includes two or more outcomes. The bettor receives points in his favor. Football teasers can be 6, 6. Basketball teasers are typically 4, 4. A player that takes two three-point underdogs in a six-point teaser would move the line to nine for those teams. All parts of a teaser must win. A tie typically drops the number of plays on a card down by one.

Some teaser cards force ties to lose. This will be disclosed on the card. Pleasers are reverse teasers. This is where a player gives the house seven points in American football or five points in basketball. Two or more teams must be taken. For example, a team that is a seven-point favorite in American football would move to a fourteen-point favorite on a pleaser. This puts the player at a massive disadvantage but also gives the player huge payouts if the long shots hit.

Futures bets are when a player picks an eventual winner in a field. This may be the winner of a division, league, championship, golf event or tennis tournament. There is typically just one winner in a futures bet. The house edge on these bets is typically about 15 percent. An in-play wager is when a player bets on an event that is already in progress.

A bettor can enter the action during breaks in play, typically television timeouts. Bettors use this to get into action when late to a match or to hedge a bet. It can also be the number of points scored by a team. For major events like the Super Bowl, it can be as odd as the coin toss, halftime show performance, amount of money bet on the game, or statements made by the announcers. The house edge of propositional bets is often double or triple that of a straight bet.

This is due to the lower volume of action. Elections and entertainment bets are exotic wagers that are similar to futures bets. This is where a bettor picks a winner in a major election or popular reality television show. Virtual sports betting is a computer generated event with the winner decided by an algorithm. The bettor looking to make a straight bet on single events can see the prices for games on the board or on sheets provided by the sports desk.

A bettor should find the three- or four-digit number by the bet and tell that to the ticket writer along with the amount he would like to wager. This process is the same for in-play and futures bets. Parlays, teasers, pleasers and other exotic bets have a different procedure. There are often cards throughout the sportsbook. These have the list of all the events available to put in a multiple-outcome ticket.

These will be attached to a bubble form. A player uses a pencil to mark the sides he wants to choose for the ticket. The ticket writer simply puts this card into a machine that writes the card. Whatever method of placing a bet your local shop uses, there is one very important part of the transaction. Always make sure that the ticket is correct before leaving the betting window. An incorrectly written ticket can only be fixed immediately after the transaction is made. Sports betting is easily accessible to players in most countries.

The procedure for opening an account at an internet sportsbook varies by region. The minimum age in most countries is Some countries, especially where sports betting is not regulated, require no such verification process. European players and those in many other countries outside the US can deposit funds without ever setting foot inside a betting shop.

Nevada players have a different procedure. A Nevada online and mobile sports bettor must make an account in a sportsbook. This requires a player to be at least 21 years of age. A valid photo ID is required. Anybody of age can create a Nevada sports account. A Nevada residency is not mandated.

Once an account is created and funded, the process of making an online or mobile sports bet is simple. A player logs into his sports account with a username and password. The next step is to choose a type of bet. The options online typically include straight, parlay, teaser, in-play or future.

Some exotic bets like elections or entertainment may also be options, depending on the country where the wager originates. The next step is to choose sides within a sport. This is as simple as clicking the corresponding box within the app or website. A player then chooses how much to wager on this.

A secondary window will confirm the wager. The app or website then ensures that a player is within the proper jurisdiction to make the wager. Once that process is complete, the bet is booked. One convenience of online sportsbooks is the ability to make a deposit remotely. This eliminates the nuisance of having to visit a betting shop. Many online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of deposit methods. The options available depend on the country of the player.

Some also permit bank transfers. Nevada sportsbooks often require a player to walk into the local shop to make a deposit. William Hill offers two ways for players in Nevada to deposit without having to visit a sportsbook. There are more than 50 taverns with deposit kiosks. These operate in the same bars where Golden Gaming owns the slot route. William Hill also accepts PayNearMe. This is a cash transfer service similar to Western Union and MoneyGram. Station Casinos has a prepaid debit card. This is a carryover from its failed online Ultimate Poker venture.

Players may deposit by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or an electronic funds transfer , often referred to in the online gaming world as an eCheck. Credit card deposits will incur a cash advance fee. Players outside the US may withdraw through any method available for deposits.

Nevada players must go to a sportsbook to pick up winnings. This may make it worthwhile for these players to go to a sportsbook to pick up the cash, especially since a trip to a cash machine may be required. A straight bet is where a player picks one side.

It wins if that team either covers the point spread or wins outright, depending on whether a money line or point spread wager was made by the player. A money line is where a bettor picks a team or player to win a match outright. A bettor either chooses the favorite and lays money or takes the underdog and receives more money than was wagered. A point spread is a handicap applied to a favorite. The team most likely to win lays points, while an underdog gains points.

The point spread hopes to find the most likely number that a favorite is predicted to win by in a team sport. Point spreads are often found in American football and basketball. Alternative lines in hockey and baseball use point spreads on 1. A parlay is a bet that includes two or more outcomes. The more teams picked, the higher the payout.

All teams in a parlay must win. Ties will lower the payout by one team unless otherwise disclosed by the betting shop. A teaser is similar to a parlay. Its payouts are lower because a bettor receives extra points to apply to each leg of the teaser. American Football teasers are typically 6, 6. Basketball teasers are normally 4, 4. Teasers must be at least two teams. Teaser bets are accepted with as many as 10 teams, depending on the shop.

A pleaser is a reverse teaser. This involves a player giving points away from the published line. That number is typically seven. Pleaser cards are often even where ties lose so books will try to place the lines on important numbers.

Pleasers are normally available only in American football. Sportsbooks will try to place teaser lines on important numbers like 3, 7, 10 and Ties lose in a pleaser. Many online sportsbooks accept bets on games that are in progress. This is called in-play. Most in-play bets are only accepted when a game is on commercial break.

These are the states that currently offer viable online and mobile betting platforms where you can place mobile wagers. Virginia is perhaps the most likely to soon see mobile sports betting with the passage of a bill intended to do just that having recently passed the lower chambers in the state legislature. With this momentum behind the bill, it appears only a matter of time before it becomes law. Maryland also has multiple bills in the tubes aiming towards bringing online sports betting to the state.

The pressure is on New York to allow and regulate online and mobile betting with more and more New Yorkers making the trip to nearby New Jersey in order to place legal bets, legislators are left watching in-state money moving to New Jersey state coffers.

The pressure is so great that energy appears to be gathering to push a single bill that would allow the issuing of mobile betting licenses in the state. These states include Nebraska , Connecticut , and Wyoming. But when it comes to the passage of a sports betting bill during legislative sessions anything can happen with bills to legalize sports gambling being approved or rebuffed suddenly during the 11th hour.

So be sure to check in from time to time to the status of online gambling and betting regulations in your state. Other states that have no indications whatsoever towards legal sports betting are Hawaii and Alaska. Politics in these two states that are not a part of the continental US are less influenced by nearby states or lack thereof and therefore are not pressured by watching their tax revenue seep away to nearby states such as the relationship between New York and New Jersey.

This has created an isolated environment where sports betting is not such an immediate issue. But even these states are projected to eventually adopt sports betting legislations, albeit in the semi-distant future. With exclusions generally being put on sports where competitors or a majority of competitors are under the age of eighteen. Wagering real money on Fantasy Sports is legal in the majority of US states. The fact that playing fantasy sports is legal and traditional sports betting is illegal boils down to a distinction made in the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of The distinction between skill in fantasy sports and in traditional sports betting is confusing at best and it was put to the test in the New Jersey District Court case Humphrey vs.

Viacom Inc. The court found in favor of fantasy sports being a game of skill and therefore exempt from anti-gambling laws. Following the revolutionary war, gambling had developed a bad reputation and was beginning to be associated with vice and corruption. In the US federal government banned almost all forms of gambling that involved a bettor making a cash wager with a bookmaker or casino, including betting on sports.

Interestingly, betting on horse-racing was not included in the ban. This ban further encouraged the negative public opinion of gambling and it also inspired organized crime and other shady elements to offer gambling services illegally. In horse racing was officially licensed and regulated at the state level. It was also the first year horses raced at the Belmont Stakes. The Preakness Stakes started not long after in and the Kentucky Derby kicked off in As the 20th century began basically all forms of gambling had been deemed illegal once again, including lotteries.

By less than 30 racetracks remained and organized crime had solidified its position as the main option for gambling and sports betting. Following the Great Depression, the United States was in desperate need of revenue. The first legal bookmakers opened their doors in Las Vegas in and were given permission to accept bets on all pro sports including horse racing.

The sports books were called Turf Clubs and operated independently of Vegas casinos. This was a big moment in sports betting history because it was the first time people could legally bet on events like horse racing without physically being at the racetrack. It ultimately proved unmanageable for bookmakers and drove many of them out of business completely. This was another factor that led to more illegal sports books run by organized crime groups.

Because organized crime had developed sports betting into such a profitable business, JFK tried to come up with new tools for law enforcement to use to combat the problem. The Wire Act made it illegal for anyone to use wire communication like phones and telegrams to pass on information pertaining to sports betting.

It worked, allowing sports betting led to a flourish of betting operators in Las Vegas. Three quarters of the way into the 20th century the first sportsbook was opened inside a casino at the Stardust which was run by Frank Rosenthal. There were exceptions: All gambling in Nevada was still permitted, as was betting on jai alai, dog racing and some special sports lotteries operating in Delaware, Oregon and Montana.

It was the first ever online sports betting wager. It gave US gamblers a way to sidestep the entire brick and mortar sportsbook system by betting online and it paved the way for what would become a multi-billion-dollar global industry. Perhaps the biggest thing to happen to sports betting in the US in the last century, this landmark case between New Jersey and the NCAA has completely changed the outlook for sports gambling in America. In May, , the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey, saying that each state should have the authority to regulate sports betting within its own jurisdiction.

In a few short months many states including New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Mexico began accepting legal sports bets in land-based casinos and online. After sports betting is legalized the next step is to approve sports betting online and mobile app betting. Many mobile sportsbooks are prepped and ready to move into states that legalize including DraftKings sportsbook, William Hill sportsbook, and many others.

Check our sportsbook review pages to see the availability of promo codes and other offers. Competition in the sports betting world is fierce and with the US market gradually opening up sportsbooks are desperate to get a strong foothold as the market matures. One of the ways in which they do this is to offer attractive bonuses and promotions to new customers in order to entice them to their site. These offers can be very lucrative for bettors, so if you are on the lookout for an online sportsbook to join make sure you are taking advantage of them.

There are various types of bonuses that sportsbooks typically offer. Some of the most common ones:. For more information check out our complete guide to sports betting bonuses which contains everything you need to know about sportsbook promotions.

We have also created bonus guides for individual states to make sure you never miss an offer in your area. Take a look below. No deposit bonuses are special promotions where online sports books will give you free funds or free bets with no deposit necessary.


Australian Tenders lists tenders from all around Australia including private and government tenders. Enjoy the top sports betting sites for Australians with welcome bonuses online! Are online casinos legal in Australia? The online casino uses Australian motifs to advertise. Almost all types of gambling are legal in the country. The Government has not fined anyone for playing at an offshore site, but there has been no test case under the current laws.

Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian Online gambling legal australia Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian. Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian Online gambling legal australia. Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian Online gambling legal australia Gauntlett 1.

Online gambling legal australia Online gambling casinos cater for every type of player and budget. Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian. Grin and bear it: Warner set to play through pain - The Australian Are online casinos legal in Australia?

North Carolina dominates the all-time rivalry, but Virginia has played them evenly in recent years. Louisville Cardinals. This "rivalry" is living proof that rivalries cannot be created just because someone says so. When Louisville joined the ACC earlier this decade, these teams were designated as rivals, but the rivalry never took. Another reason the rivalry never really fired up -- Virginia has absolutely crushed Louisville head to head.

The Cavs have won 16 of 21 matchups, including a crazy March game in which the Cavs scored five points in the final 0. Both teams have won a championship in the past decade, but the rivalry is still yet to spark much. The Hokies first started playing basketball in but had a long and winding road to relevance at the highest level. Virginia Tech played in some conferences over the years, including the Southern Conference for over four decades and much shorter stints in the Metro Conference, Atlantic 10, and Big East.

In the ACC, the Hokies basketball program has begun to blossom. Virginia Tech has made the NCAA tournament each of the past three seasons for the first time and also made the Sweet Sixteen for only its second time in The Hokies didn't make the tournament until , but they advanced to the Elite Eight that year, still their furthest run ever. Virginia Tech plays its home games at Cassell Coliseum on campus in Blacksburg. Mike Young coaches the Hokies. Virginia Tech Hokies Rivalry: vs. These in-state schools have always been rivals, but the rivalry has risen to prominence over the past two decades since Tech joined Virginia in the ACC.

Virginia Tech had long held a grudge against Virginia because they had been chosen for the ACC over five decades prior while the Hokies were left out. The teams compete across all varsity sports in the Commonwealth Clash. Virginia dominates the rivalry historically, but the teams first met as top foes in They play at least twice a year every season in the ACC.

VCU basketball has had a heck of a decade. Few outsides of Virginia would have even known what the letters of VCU stood for 10 years ago, but they certainly did now after a memorable Cinderella run to the Final Four in Much like fellow Virginia underdog George Mason had done five years earlier, the Rams began as an seed and made a run all the way to the Final Four. VCU has won eight other tournament games outside of that Final Four run, all of them in the round of The most memorable came as an seed in when the Rams shocked Duke on an Eric Maynor jumper in the final seconds.

The Rams have 17 NCAA tournament appearances overall, and a very impressive count of 13 tournament wins. VCU joined the Atlantic 10 Conference for the season and still plays there. The Rams play their home games at the E. Wade Arena at the Stuart C. Siegel Center on campus in Richmond.

Mike Rhoades coaches Virginia Commonwealth. George Mason does not have a long basketball history. Still, the program rose to prominence out of nowhere in when they made a memorable Cinderella run to the Final Four under longtime coach Jim Larranaga. Before that year, the Patriots had never even won an NCAA tournament game and were one of the last teams in the draw. That tied for the lowest tournament seed to ever make the Final Four. The Patriots moved to the Atlantic 10 Conference in They've only made the NCAA tournament twice since their Final Four run but did win another upset in , their last appearance.

Dave Paulsen coaches them. Old Dominion first fielded a basketball team in and won a Division II national championship in Soon after, Old Dominion made a move to Division I for the season. The Monarchs made the NCAA tournament for the first time in and won their first tournament game in Old Dominion also won a single tournament game in and , but the Monarchs have never advanced past the second round.

Old Dominion has 12 tournament appearances, most recently in Jeff Jones coaches them. Richmond may be a smaller basketball program on the NCAA level, but they have developed a serious reputation as a giant killer when it comes to the NCAA tournament. The first shocker was as a seed over Charles Barkley's 5-seed Auburn in , the biggest upset in tournament history at the time.

Four years later, they topped that one as a seed when they beat defending national champion 4-seed Indiana. In , they set a new record when they became the first seed to win a game, defeating 2-seed Syracuse. The Spiders also won as a seed in They're the only basketball program with wins as 12, 13, 14, and seeds. These days, Richmond is too strong a program to get a seed that low. They joined the Atlantic 10 Conference in and have won the conference tournament once, in Richmond has only made the NCAA tournament nine times, most recently in that season, but they sure are dangerous when they get there.

The Spiders play their home games at the Robins Center in Richmond. Chris Mooney coaches them. Unlike their football program, which is barely a decade old, Liberty has played basketball for one year after the University was founded in Liberty is one of the world's biggest Christian universities. The Flames have made four NCAA tournament appearances and won their first-ever game in their most recent appearance, an upset as a seed over Mississippi State in They were even better the following season and finished , but there was no NCAA tournament due to the pandemic.

States don't need their own professional team to have a strong sports market. Technically speaking, Virginia doesn't have any of its own pro teams. In fact, Virginia is the most populous U. S state without a pro franchise playing within its borders. But the truth is that Virginia is more or less "home" to all of the Washington D.

Some Virginians root for teams from Baltimore or Carolina, or even others around the country, but sports wagering knows no team allegiances. Virginia bettors can wager on any team around the country or world, but we expect big bets to be placed on these DC-based sports teams soon! Washington is a five-time NFL champion.

It won championship games before the Super Bowl era in and and then won the Super Bowl in , , and , its most recent Super Bowl appearance. Those three Super Bowl wins tie Washington for seventh-most all-time. Washington has also finished as league runners-up six times, twice in the Super Bowl era.

In all, Washington has played for the NFL championship 11 times in 24 postseason appearances. Washington is undergoing a transition after choosing to change its name in The team is officially the Washington Football Team for now until another team name is chosen later. Washington Football Team Rivalry 1: vs. Dallas Cowboys. The teams have played in the same division since and meet twice every season in an often contentious game.

A Thanksgiving meeting in was the most-watched game in the history of the NFL. The Cowboys dominate the all-time rivalry, but Washington has won both playoff meetings. In their first meeting this year, Washington dominated the Cowboys on October 25 and will make the trip to Dallas for another Thanksgiving matchup on Thursday, November Washington Football Team Rivalry 2: vs.

New York Giants. New York and Washington have been rivals for the better part of the century, and the rivalry was especially heated in the s and early 90s when the teams won back-to-back Super Bowls twice, first in and then again in The teams play twice each season as NFC East division rivals. New York eked out a win, , in the first meeting this fall on October The teams will meet again on November 8 in Washington.

That was true when the franchise played in Baltimore, too, and then the franchise moved to Washington D. The team is nowhere near as dominant today but hopes to bounce back from its rebuild with the return of a healthy John Wall. Scotty Brooks coaches the team. Washington Wizards Rivalry: vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. This is something of a regional rivalry, but the rivalry really peaked between and when the Wizards and Cavs played three straight years in the playoffs.

That was the heyday of Gilbert Arenas, but unfortunately, it was also the rise of LeBron James, and James's Cavaliers beat Washington all three times in contested matchups. Cleveland also had a memorable upset over Washington in the Cavs' first playoff appearance, hitting three last-second game-winners. Washington initially joined the WNBA in The Mystics had never made the WNBA Finals before appearing in and , but they have made it to the playoffs in 10 of the past 20 seasons.

The Mystic plays their home games at St. Elizabeth's East Arena in Washington, D. The Washington Nationals have existed as such since Before that, this franchise was the Montreal Expos. The Expos began playing as an expansion team in and was nearly contracted before relocating to Washington, D.

In a strange twist, they were the first MLB team to be relocated since a team from Washington left in , in that case, the Washington Senators moving to Texas. It was a rocky transition to Washington, D. The Nats finally made the playoffs for the first time in , winning the NL East for the first of four times this decade.

Of course, the most memorable season came in when the Nationals made it to their only franchise World Series and defeated the Houston Astros in seven to win the championship. Dave Martinez manages the Nats. Washington Nationals Rivalry: vs. Baltimore Orioles. The Beltway Series began officially began when MLB introduced interleague play in , allowing these teams to play twice a season despite Washington playing in the National League and Baltimore in the AL.

It's an interesting rivalry because Washington is still relatively new to the area, and the Orioles were the region's only team previously, with many fans still sticking with the Os. It didn't use to be this way, of course. Washington used to have the Senators, multiple versions in fact, while the Orioles were formerly the St. Louis Browns, so fandom has gone back and forth over the years, and Baltimore's franchise was not exactly excited to welcome Washington back into the area when the Expos relocated.

Washington and Baltimore are only 40 miles apart, and any fan in the Maryland-Virginia-D. Baltimore leads the all-time series. The Orioles were one of the eight charter teams in the American League in , but they were not the Orioles then, nor were they in Baltimore. The franchise began as the Milwaukee Brewers for one year, then played for 52 seasons as the St. Louis Browns. In , the team moved to Baltimore and changed their name to the Orioles in honor of Maryland's state bird.

For decades, Baltimore was the only MLB team in the area since the Washington Nationals did not relocate until , so many Virginians still root for the Os. The Orioles were far more successful in Baltimore than they had been previously.

The Browns only won the pennant once in 52 seasons. Baltimore has not been back to the World Series since , one of the longest droughts in baseball. In fact, they've only made the playoffs five times since winning that title and had 14 straight losing seasons at one point. Brandon Hyde manages them. Baltimore Orioles Rivalry: vs. Washington Nationals. This is not a longtime rivalry in actuality, but in other ways, it is.

The region has long-fought for allegiance between these teams, but it has only had both of them in the area for a decade and a half. Washington, D. Baltimore was less than welcoming when the Nats relocated from Montreal in The following season, baseball introduced the interleague play, allowing these cross-league rivals to meet twice a year in the Beltway Series.

Neither was particularly good yet, but the rivalry was heated anyway because of the region's long history and the teams being only 40 miles apart. Baltimore currently leads the all-time series head-to-head, though Washington has the upper hand because of their recent World Series win and Baltimore's eternal rebuild.

The Capitals finally broke through and won their first and only Stanley Cup in , as Alexander Ovechkin finally made good on his superstar status and lifted the game's biggest trophy. The Caps began to play in as an expansion franchise and originally played their home games in Landover, Maryland.

The Capitals have been one of the best teams in the NHL over the past decade. The team won their first Presidents' Trophy in , given to the best regular-season team, then won two more of them in and The Caps have played in two Stanley Cups, a loss in and that sweet, sweet victory in Peter Laviolette coaches the team.

Washington Capitals Rivalry 1: vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. This has become one of the biggest rivalries in the NHL over the past decade with the emergence of the league's brightest two stars in Ovechkin and Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby. These teams are only miles apart and often meet in the playoffs, with the Pens winning a dominating nine of 11 series.

Pittsburgh has been a constant thorn in the Caps' side. These teams have won six Stanley Cups between them, and they've defeated the other en route to all six Cups. Washington Capitals Rivalry 2: vs. New York Rangers. This rivalry was struck in the s when the teams were placed in the same division, but the rivalry heated up in the 90s and really hit its peak over the past decade when the Caps and Rangers played five times in the playoffs between and The Capitals lead the all-time series, but the Rangers have won once more when it matters most, leading the playoff series by one and winning the three most recent playoff matchups.

United began as one of the 10 charter clubs of the MLS in They were an absolute dynasty in the early going under head coach Bruce Arena, winning eight of the first 13 MLS championships. United have won the most MLS Supporters' Shields, given to the club with the best record in the regular season, and they were the first team to win the Supporters' Shield and the MLS Cup consecutively. Open Cup three times. United has also won above and beyond the MLS.

They also won the Copa Interamericana in against a Brazilian club, marking the only time in MLS history that one of its clubs has won an intercontinental championship. Add it all up, and D. United is, without a doubt, the most successful club in MLS history. United play their home games at Audi Field in Washington, D. Official D. United Rivalry: vs. New York Red Bulls.

The Red Bulls have been one of the more successful teams in the MLS recently, especially out East, and that alone is enough to make them a major rival for D. The clubs have met an incredible 13 times in a playoff format. They play at least twice a season and compete for the Atlantic Cup. United leads the all-time series. The Spirit won only three games in their inaugural season but leaped into the playoffs the next year and made it to the semifinals three straight seasons from through That final year was the Spirit's finest and ran all the way to the championship game but ended in heartbreak as Washington lost to Western New York in penalties.

The Spirit has a unique arrangement and split their home games between three stadiums in three different states or districts. Still, they also play some home games at Audi Park in Washington, D. The Spirit is looking to get back to the playoffs for the first time since that heartbreaking final in Martinsville Speedway is another short, speedy track, and many Virginians travel to nearby Bristol, Tennessee, for more big races.

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