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Here is an outline from SportsLine for understanding basic terms and concepts in the sports wagering industry:. Perhaps the most common question newcomers have when they see sportsbook odds is, "What do the numbers mean? While the plus and minus signs might look confusing at first, they are easily explained. Take the following listing you might see in a sportsbook:. In this example, the Giants are three-point favorites against the Cowboys. The spread is essentially a mathematical formula used to bridge the talent gap between teams and incentivize potential bettors into considering both sides. The spread is a handicap that requires the favored team to win the game by an ascribed number of points in order for the bettor to win his wager on the team.

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27 pindarou street ayios antonios 1070 nicosia betting

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Hastane Sok. Hastane Cad. No Cad. No Turkey Kocaeli DR. Kara Ahmet Cad. Ebru Sk. Kemah Sok. Kuvayi Milliye Cad. Sadi Pekin Cad. Cumhuriyet Cad. Gaffar Okan Cad. Limonlu Sk. İtfaiye Sok. No İstiklal Mh. Hastane Sk. P Mah. Omurtak Cd. Omurtak Cad. Sema Sok. Providenciales U. Akron U. Albuquerque U. Hospital Drive U. Austin U. Baltimore U. Baltimore Linden Avenue U. Bend ST. Neff Road U. Berkeley U. Binghamton U. Burien U. Congress Parkway U. Whether you are planning a full scale conference of over , or a small innovative event, Cyprus can provide it.

Cyprus offers conference rooms, seating capacity for 28, people and 30, beds in hotels with conference facilities alone. The seating capacity by town is 5, in Lefkosia, 7, in Lemesos 8, in Pafos, 3, in Larnaka and 4, in Famagusta. Sophisticated communications facilities are available with reliable direct links for telephone, fax and data networks. Quality audio-visual equipment and other high-tech apparatus related to the conference industry are readily available from reliable domestic suppliers and technical support is efficient and close at hand.

The island s year round perfect sunny weather and its spectacular scenery of turquoise seas, or pine clad mountains, provide a perfect backdrop to a product launch or promotion or an original incentives programme. And when you combine it all with the special magic of the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, you will have the perfect formula for an experience everyone will remember.

Ellinas, Hon. Consul Annis Komninis 4, Solea Bldg. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax:. Christofides Hon. Consul Karpenisiou 30, P. Lanitis, Hon. Consul-General Arch. Kyprianou 21, Lemesos P. Vassiliades, Hon. Consul Demosthenis Severis Ave. Christofides, Hon. Consul Menandrou 6, 2nd Floor, Off. Rita Severis, Hon. Economides, Hon. Consul Gr.

Xenopoulou 17, Lemesos P. Consul Queen Frederiki str. Zachariades, Hon. Consul Medon 5, Lefkosia Tel: , Fax:. Consul Omonias Ave. Mylona, Hon. Consul Limassol Ave. Paraskevaides, Hon. Consul-General Mr Panicos M. Klerides, Hon. Photiades, Hon. Consul Arch. Consul Artemidos Ave. Zampelas, Hon. Severis, Hon. Consul General Mr Costas Z. Consul Leoforos Arch. Dimitriou, Hon. Papavassiliou, Hon. Consul for Pafos Leoforos Demokratias 31, St.

Neofytos, Tala, Pafos Tel: , Fax:. Petrou, Hon. Consul Geri Industrial Area, Ftelias str. Consul Platonos 12, Engomi, Lefkosia P. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Res. Consul Mr Chris Ioannou, Hon. Varnava, Hon. Consul Ouralion 1, Lemesos P. Andreas Zenonos, Hon. Leptos, Hon. Consul Dhemetsanis 9, Lefkosia P. Consul General Leoforos Arch. Consul Demetsanis 9, P. Tornaritis, Hon. Consul 20 Omirou Ave. Tsanos, Hon. Consul Omonias Aven.

Consul Larnaka Spyrou Kyprianou Aven. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , , Fax: cchristoforou. Triantafyllides, Hon. Consul Evagoras Ave. Consul P. Katelaris 16, Diagoras House, P. Ioannides, Hon. Consul Mr Andreas Matsis, Hon. Nicolaides, Hon. Consul Vyronos 55, Lefkosia P.

Christophorides, Hon. Consul Lemesos district Leof. Consul Chytron 5, Lefkosia, P. Haholiades, Hon. Consul Stassinou 32, Strovolos, P. Consul, for Lemesos and Pafos Arch. Consul Kondilaki 6, Lefkosia, P. Consul - General Sp. Consul-General Naxou 10, Lefkosia P. Consul Corner Evagorou Aven. Sarris, Hon. Consul-General Leof. Consul Kallipoleos 54, Lefkosia, P. Doritis, Hon. Consul Dionisiou Solomou 1, Lemesos P. Consul Leof. Consul Leoforos Artemidos 16, Larnaka P. Consul Naxos 2, P.

Consul Chrysaliniotissis 26, P. Constantinos A. Vorkas, Hon. Consul Ouralion 1 P. Consul Griva Digheni Ave. Consul General Riga Feraiou 14, P. Anastasiades, Hon. Consul Riga Feraiou 14, P. Eliades, Hon. Andreas Phylokyprou, Hon. Economides Leoforos Arch. Consul General G. Katsounotos 1, Salamis House P. Box , Lemesos Tel: , Fax:. Consul Anexartisias 61, P.

Artemis, Hon. Consul-General Leoforos Arch. Araouzos, Hon. Consul-General Fedras 1 Kaimakli, P. Consul Agias Fylaxeos 90, Lemesos P. Mylonas, Hon. Consul Nafpliou 12, Lemesos Tel: , Fax: ,. Christos A. Theodoulou, Hon. Consul Theodoulou House, W. Consul Thiras 8, Livadeia, Larnaka P. Lefkaritis, Hon. Consul Fr. Roosvelt Ave.

Its mission, inter alia, is to safeguard the consumers rights and educate and represent the Cyprus consumers in all local and international relevant bodies dealing with consumer matters. Toward this end the Association is actively involved in: Monitoring the effective implementation of the legislation and regulations regarding consumer protection and consumer rights Providing information on Cyprus law regarding consumer protection in accordance with the acquis communautaire Providing information on consumers rights and responsibilities Promote consumer education through its Adults Consumers Education Programme Handling complaints by consumers on faulty, damaged or unsatisfactory quality of products and services Providing a reading library on consumer publication such as WHICH UK , Consumer Reports USA , Consumer Choice Ireland.

Issuing publications, such as O Katanalotis, the association s quarterly magazine, which is sent to its members free of charge, and other informative brochures. Providing Consumer-related services, lectures etc. Conducting comparative market surveys aimed at providing vital information and insight to the consumers. ECC Cyprus inform advises and assists European consumers in cross border matters.

Cost of living Detailed information on cost of living indexes may be obtained from the Indicative prices supermarket prices , May : Milk 1,,40 per litre Bread country bread 1,,85 per loaf Cyprus Cheese Halloumi 10,,40 per kilo Local beer 1,,20 per tin of ml Local natural water 0,, litre Pork 3,,95 per kilo Chicken 4,,45 per kilo Tomatoes 0,,45 per kilo Apples various varieties 0,,00 per kilo Dinner at a taverna: 17,,00 per person not including beverages Two bedrooms, unfurnished flat: ,,00 rent per month for long term tenancy over a year depending also on the area locality.

More than shops, restaurants and hotels accept at least one of the above Credit Cards. Establishments with P. Usually the Card symbol is displayed in the shopwindow or at the reception. Travellers cheques are also accepted by all banks, shops, restaurants etc. Cypriot cruise companies take you through that gateway to Eastern Mediterranean from the port of Lemesos. The cruise programmes have been designed specifically to suit varying travel requirements, including departure days and destinations by offering cruises to Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Greece and the Greek islands.

The ships usually leave Lemesos Harbour late afternoon arriving in Port Said, Haifa or Rhodes the next day, early in the morning and departing again from there in the evening to return to Lemesos the following morning. The cruises are usually operational from March to November by large and comfortable cruise ships which offer full board accommodation and entertainment at very reasonable prices.

Bookings for short cruises can be made while on holiday in Cyprus through the representatives of the tour operators or a Travel Agency. Please note that many tour operators in Europe are featuring the cruises in their holiday brochures. Published in number of languages. Promotional Leaflet A general information 6 page brochure on Cyprus published in in number of languages. Published annually. Cycling Routes Description of cycling routes including maps.

Published in a number of languages. Kyprida Aphrodite A tour on Cyprus through Aphrodites eyes. Welcome to Cyprus General Information brochure on Cyprus for tourists arriving at Lemesos Port, published a number of languages. Cyprus Wine Routes. The visitor s participation in such events is warmly encouraged.

For up to date information, visitors are advised to consult the Cyprus Tourism Organisation s Monthly Events guide, available in hotels and Tourist Information Offices on the island. Additional information can be obtained through the Cyprus Tourism Organisations website Currency Exchange Rates On 1 January , the Republic of Cyprus introduced the euro as its official currency.

The euro is subdivided into cent. Euro notes and coins in circulation are as follows: Banknotes: , , , 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins: 2, 1, 50 cent, 20 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 2 cent and 1 cent. However, according to the Control of Cash Entering or Leaving the Community and the Exercise of Intercommunal Controls on Cash Law of , travellers arriving from and departing for another EU Member State or a third country and carrying a sum of or more, in any currency, in cash banknotes and bearer negotiable instruments or gold must declare it to Customs.

Afxentiou, Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: Web-site: Within the EU There are no limits on what you can buy and take with you when you travel between EU countries, as long as it is for personal use and not for resale. VAT and duty are included in the price you pay and, since these vary from country to country, you may want to take advantage of some interesting price differences. Shops at airports and on ships may also provide some bargains although duty-free shopping no longer exists when travelling within the EU.

Tobacco and alcohol For guidance, goods are considered to be for your own use if you have no more than: cigarettes cigarillos cigars 1kg of tobacco 10 litres of spirits 20 litres fortified wine, such as port or sherry 90 litres of wine of which, a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wine litres of beer If you carry large quantities of tobacco or alcoholic products and particularly where such quantities exceed the quantitative limits set as above, you may be asked to answer to questions regarding: Your commercial status and the reasons for holding such goods The place where the goods are located Any documents relating to these goods The nature and quantity of goods The frequency of your travel Travellers uner the age of 17 are not granted relief on tobacco products and alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

Outside the EU If you are coming into the EU from a non-eu country, you can bring with you goods free of VAT import duties and excise duties for personal use within the limits set out below. For travellers under the age of 17, relief on Tobacco and Alcoholic Products is not granted. Other goods For goods of any other description the relief is granted to the total amount of However for travellers under 15 years old the relief is Notifications to travellers: A.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment wishes to inform all travellers that, in order to protect the agriculture of the country from the danger of the introduction of new pests and diseases, the importation of agricultural products or propagating stock, such as fruit, vegetables, cut-flowers, dry nuts, seeds, bulbs, bulb-wood sticks, cuttings, wood and other wood products, etc.

According to the Diseases of Plants Prevention Law and the Importation of Produce Control Orders, the transportation of agricultural products or propagating stock from abroad is prohibited unless a relevant licence has been previously issued by the Director of the Department of Agriculture. Upon their arrival in Cyprus, such products should be declared at the Customs Officers, whereupon they will be kept for phytosanitary inspection by Authorised Agricultural Officers.

There is also a number of other articles of which the importation is prohibited or restricted for different reasons such as: - Fire arms, ammunitions and explosives - Flick knives and daggers - Obscene books, photographs, films and articles - Pirated or counterfeit goods e. According to various Cypriot laws the exportation of certain articles is prohibited or restricted such as: All items the importation of which is prohibited i. Please have in mind that for the above restrictions upon exportation a special permit is required from the appropriate authority or body accordingly for each case.

Greenwich Time 3. Local time , Daylight Saving Time comes into effect in Cyprus and all clocks are advanced by one hour. On the last Sunday in October at 1. GMT 4. Local Time , Cyprus reverts to Standard Time. Distances see page Dry cleaning takes usually two days. Fast dry cleaning and quick wash and dry services are also available on the island. Dry cleaners are located in the central part of each town, and they can be traced through the yellow pages of the Cyprus Telephone Directory.

Most dry cleaners have pick up and home delivery services. Most hotels have laundry service for hotel residents. In case laundry service is not provided by certain hotels, arrangements can be made through the hotel reception. The same arrangements also apply for dry cleaning service.

Self Service automatic washing facilities are also available and can be found at: Lefkosia: a G. Sockets are usually 13 Amp, square pin in most buildings. More than one low current rating appliance may be operated from the same supply point, by using an adaptor i. The use of adaptors for operating high current rating appliances is not recommended i.

Many hotels provide adaptors upon request from the Reception. Adaptors can be purchased from electric stores, supermarkets, shops, etc. Socket extensions can also be used recommended instead of adaptors and they can be purchased from electric stores and large supermarkets. Belgium Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Belgium. Tel: , Fax: Ambassador is also accredited to Luxembourg and Cambia.

Finland Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Finland. France Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in France. Dorottya u. Wadi Sakra Str. Building, Debbas Str. Wassayat Ebderi, Fashloum P. P Mexico D. Pilicka 4, Warsaw. Petofi Sandor, Nr. Corner Church and Hill Str. Spain Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Spain.

Sweden Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Sweden. North West, Washington D. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: Web-site: wwwmzu. Makarios Ave. Grypari 4, Lefkosia P. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: Web-site: nicosia. Makarios III Ave.

BritishHighCommission Alexandrou Palli str. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: Web-site: en. Digheni Ave. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , , Fax: org. See page 89 for cruises. Please see relevant Airlines section in this booklet pages When callers dial the pancyprian telephone number , they are requested to dial the last three digits of their flights so that the automated system may inform them on the arrival or departure time of their flight of interest.

Live Agents are also availble between hrs daily. Flight time from Cyprus to: Amsterdam 3 hours 30 min. Athens 1 hour 40 min. Bahrain 3 hours Frankfurt 3 hours 30 min. London 4 hours 30 min. Paris 3 hours 30 min. Rome 2 hours 25 min. Stockholm 5 hours Vienna 3 hours Zurich 3 hours Florists Flower shops are found all over Cyprus and provide: fresh flowers for every occasion flower and dry arrangements bouquets, plants various decoration arrangements night services are also provided by some florists.

Representatives of Interflora and Teleflora in Cyprus provide facilities for those who wish to send flowers to friends abroad. Assistance for sending flowers abroad through Interflora and Teleflora is also given by nearly all other florists on the island.

Food and drinking water are of high quality, absolutely safe and no food or water-borne diseases occur. Cyprus is also free from dangerous infectious diseases. No vaccination requirements for any International Traveller. Climate-Climatic conditions in Cyprus can be termed as excellent from a health point of view. Therefore, the climate is ideal for holiday travellers throughout the year.

Food and Wines Gourmets will particularly appreciate what Cyprus has to offer, as Cyprus cuisine consists of dishes very rich in taste, and unique in specialities. Cyprus wines, famous since ancient times, are more than maintaining their tradition by becoming increasingly competitive in the International market.

The quality of Cyprus table wines features amongst the best in the world and the great variety provides a match for every kind of food and every palate. Approximate cost for a bottle of Cyprus wine of 0,75 litre in a restaurant or a taverna: from 10, All restrictions concerning maximum allowable percentage of foreign participation, as well as minimum level of foreign investment in any enterprise in Cyprus, has been lifted as from January for EU-citizens and from 1st October, for non - EU citizens unless otherwise stated in the legislation e.

A significant number of traditional houses have already been converted into accommodation establishments in accordance with the relevant Regulations under the Hotels Law, further to Town and Planning approval and Building Permit, and received their classification and operation licence from the CTO.

Yet, others are currently going through the aforementioned process. In total, there are traditional houses with bed capacity of 1, beds in 57 villages. The Cyprus Agrotourism Company which draws its membership from owners of traditional houses has been established in with the initiative of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. The publication is available free of charge from any C. Office in Cyprus or abroad. The Cyprus Agrotourism Company has developed a Web-site and a Central Reservations system which enables on line-bookings for 93 traditional houses, in 46 villages.

For further information and reservation requests, please contact the Company at tel: or by at: Future prospects for Agrotourism in Cyprus are looking bright, and the presentation of the Agrotourism Programme with the prestigious British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award European Winner, came as a recognition of the efforts of all those involved in the Programme.

It is advisable to book for an appointment, even though this is not always necessary. Indicative approximate prices for a shampoo and set: 17,, Most leading hotels have hair dressing salons on their premises, with English speaking personnel. A small tip is always appreciated. The hallmarking of articles of precious metals gold or silver protects consumers from being cheated and it ensures fair competition and market growth.

All jewellery and precious metal articles placed in the Cyprus market are hallmarked and worth the value they are sold for. Hallmarking in Cyprus is carried out, since , by the Cyprus Assay Office which is located in Larnaca. Hallmarking is a reliable symbol for quality. Symbol for silver articles Symbol for gold articles For more information, please visit the website of the Cyprus Assay Office at Tel: , Fax: Handicrafts Traditional hand made items can be purchased from souvenir shops, found in every corner of the island.

At the Handicraft Centre in Lefkosia Leoforos Athalassas , Tel: , visitors can see the artisans lace making, weaving, woodcarving, making pottery, basket weaving, producing leather articles, silver items, mosaics and other smaller handicrafts. The workshops are open from Monday to Friday and Wednesday no afternoon in July-August. A large variety of hand produced items are on sale at the Centre s shop. The Cyprus Handicraft Service has similar shops in: Lemesos, Themidos 25, tel: Larnaka, Cosma Lysioti 6, tel: Pafos, Leoforos Apostolou Pavlou 64, tel: At Laiki Geitonia and at Chrysaliniotissa Multi-Craft Centre in Lefkosia, craftsmen still produce art and craft work in the traditional way and from the shops there, visitors can buy genuine masterpieces of Cyprus hand made items.

In various villages and districts many kinds of hand made art and craft work are still produced by villagers in the traditional way. Village known for its pottery, laces and traditional chairs. Village known for its embroideries.

Village known for its embroideries and silverware. Village known for its traditional wooden carved basins. Villages known for their basket weaving. Village, known for its pottery. Village known for its basket weaving and pottery. Village known for its weaving. Village known for its basket weaving. Health Food Health Food Stores with a wide range of high quality health food and health-care products and cosmetics are to be found in almost all towns.

Furthermore various health food items and health-care products are found in Pharmacies and also in large supermarkets, all over the island. Hitch - Hiking Hitch-Hiking is not restricted in Cyprus, but certainly is not one of the regular means of transportation. Hitch-Hiking can be tiresome in the hot summer months, but may turn out to be a great pleasure as cypriot hospitality is legendary, and hikers will certainly experience the friendliness and simplicity of Cypriots, especially among the village folk.

Hikers are advised to wear sunhats and sunglasses in summer, while waiting for their free ride. Hitch-Hikers should always remember to keep to the left-hand side of the road, as driving in Cyprus moves on the left. All are open to the public for reading and local research only. The main libraries are: 1. Apostolou Varnava P.

Gas L. Gas in Cyprus is available in 10 kg portable cylinders, which can be bought from petrol stations, grocery shops and supermarkets. Mini gas cylinders of grams are also on sale. Gas cylinders can be used at camping sites. There are no special stations for refilling gas cylinders.

The use of L. Raphael Marina mentioned herebelow, there is also a number of ports and fishing shelters in Cyprus, which one may find on pages under the title Amateur Fishing". The position of the Marina is 34 deg. North 33 deg. The Marina, an official Port of Entry, has berthing facilities for yachts of various sizes.

The minimum depth of the useable part of the Marina is approximately 1. The Marina is entirely protected from all weather conditions. Amenities: All yachts moored in the Marina may use the following services at a reasonable charge. Fire fighting equipment is installed throughout the Marina. Public Address system to all areas. English speaking schools 15 min. Independent Brokerage. Dry Cleaners. Toilets, Showers and Coin-Operated washing Machines.

Osmosis treatment units. Independent Private Boat Travel Hoists up to maximum vessel weight 50, kgs and maximum vessel beam of 4. Berthing Charges: These vary according to the duration of stay and the length of the vessel. The above information is liable to change.

Vessels sailing to Cyprus must comply with the E. For further information skippers must communicate with their intended port of call well in advance. Raphael hotel premises. Located at longitude 33 deg. Total of berths accommodating boats up to 30m LOA and 4m draught. Yachts are berthed stern to 3 concrete piers with all facilities including connected fresh water, electricity, telephone and T.

General information and services: Call-sign "St. Port of entry Yachts coming to or leaving Cyprus can clear Customs and Immigration formalities from within the Marina offices at a charge. Security 24h security is provided. Car parking There is adequate parking within the Marina premises. Fuel Diesel and petrol is available at the fuel quay. Facilities at berth Fresh water connection, T. Technical services The Marina operates a 60 ton travel lift.

Full yacht maintenance and repairs are provided by on side as well as outside contractors. The St. Raphael Marina is a Hot Spot for wireless internet access. Time cards are available at the marina office. For further information please apply to: St. Raphael Marina Amathus Avenue, P. One of the dailies and two of the weeklies are in English. There are also numerous magazines and periodicals, some of which are concerned with special interest subjects.

Most UK and some other European as well as Arabic newspapers are on sale in Cyprus, usually one day after the day of issue. It is further entrusted with the task of promoting and publicising the work of the government, the House of Representatives and the semi-government organi-.

It is also the central publishing agency for the government and it has the task of the application of the press and cinema laws and the official certification of translations. It is also responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the Advisory Committee on Enligtenment concerning audio-visual productions, submission of texts in foreign publications, enlightenment publications, book purchases and visits by foreign journalists and academics.

In addition the PIO is the central agency for the enlightenment of world public opinion regarding the Cyprus problem. It focuses on events in Cyprus or on developments abroad that have a bearing on or are of particular interest to Cyprus. It also covers major developments in the region. CNA reports in Greek, Turkish and English on the Cyprus issue, domestic politics, foreign policy, the economy, health, culture and sports. The First Programme, which airs on The Second Programme transmits on Its aim is to inform and entertain the island s non-greek speaker, such as the Turkish Cypriots, the members of the Armenian Community, and non Cypriots either living on the island or visiting.

It features Turkish language programmes , Armenian and English The Third Programme goes out on The Fourth Programme transmits on They include news bulletins, music, competitions, local events, etc. There are eight news bulletins in Greek, at , , , , , , and There is one news bulletin in English at and one in Turkish at CyBC television is also linked to Eurovision for the live transmission of major athletic and other music and cultural events.

CyBC is also transmitting worldwide via satellite. The News and the News in English and Turkish are repeated after midnight. All programmes are broadcast in colour and the television service provided is some of the best TV entertainment mainly in Greek and English from British, American and other sources, in addition to Greek and locally produced programmes. Website: http. Medical Services Medical care-needs in Cyprus are met through: 1.

Government General Hospitals see page 2. All Government General Hospitals as well as some private clinics have Accident and Emergency Departments for emergency cases. See also title Emergencies. Out-patient and in-patient treatment is provided against payment of the prescribed fees, except for EU citizens who produce form E, issued by their country s health care authorities.

Holidaymakers can also make use of their health insurance, which covers medical expenses, provided that this insurance covers the length of their stay on the island. Almost all brands of manufactured medicines are available in Cyprus. The majority of doctors can converse in english. Private doctor s visiting hours on weekdays : hrs and hrs. Metric conversion Cyprus converted from the Imperial system of weights and measures to the Metric system, in Weather temperature reports are now given in degrees Celsius, petrol is sold by the litre, grocery items are in grams and kilograms and fabric lengths in metres.

Road speeds and distances area posted in kilometres per hour and kilometres respectively. Motorcycles If you are going to drive a motorcycle or moped you must have the following in mind: The law states that both the driver and passenger must wear a helmet. Approximate prices for Motorcycles: Rates vary according to the number of days and period of the year. Extra sum for insurance approximate : 5,,00 per day Unlimited mileage.

Visitors may also drive vehicles using their national Motor-Cycle-Driving Licence, provided this is valid in their own country for the class of vehicle they wish to drive. Persons over 18 years may drive motorcycles depending on the type of licence they hold. Firms hiring motor-cycles and auto-cycles can be found in all towns and holiday resorts.

N National Parks Troodos National Forest Park, with an area of ha was declared as such in , while four areas within the Park with a total area of ha were declared as Nature Reserves. It is covered mostly by natural forest of black pine Pinus nigra subsp. The Park is a unique area for Cyprus with high ecological, recreational, hydrological and geological value.

It is part of the Natura , the European network of protected areas. About plant species were recorded here, 72 of them are endemic to Cyprus, of which 12 are exclusive to the Park. The Park offers many recreational facilities such as picnic sites, camping sites, nature trails, facilities for Winter sports etc.

The Visitor Centre which provides information to visitors about the Park and environmental education to schools, is situated m west of the Troodos Square. In May , the Troodos Botanical Garden which is found at the northwest edge of Asbestos mine, was opened to the public.

The last natural stands of the endemic Cyprus cedar Cedrus brevifolia which are restricted to this area, together with ancient stands of the endemic golden oak Quercus alnifolia make the area unique from the ecological point of view.

The presence of the Cyprus moufflon Ovis gmelini ophion and of the rare birds of prey Bonelli s eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus and Goshawk Accipiter gentilis add a lot to the ecological value of the area. The area is part of the Natura network both under Habitats and Birds Directives. Akamas, Pegeia and Meleti Forests, with a total area of ha, have been managed as National Forest Parks although they have never been formally designated as such.

Akamas Peninsula has a large extent and complete pattern of low land vegetation, most of it in good natural state. The Lara- Toxeftra area is protected as a Marine Reserve and is of international importance. The beaches of the area are some of the few known nesting sites of the remaining population of the Green turtle Chelonia mydas and the Loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta.

It is part of the Natura network. The area constitudes a typical Mediterranean eroded scrubland due to fires and overgrazing. It is part of the Natura network, exhibiting excellent scenery and includes various recreational facilities such as picnic site, nature trails and view points. Polemidia National Forest Park, just outside the town of Lemesos with an area of ha, with a semi - natural and natural vegetation. It offers a variety of recreational facilities such as picnic site, hiking trails, children playground, sport grounds, cafeteria and kiosk.

Macheras National Forest Park, with an area of ha, is situated in the middle of the island, on the eastern end of the Troodos range. The Park has great historical, ecological, hydrological and recreational value. More than plant species have been recorded in the Park, of which 27 are endemic. It offers many recreational facilities like picnic sites, nature trails and cycling routes.

Athalassa National Forest Park, covers an area of ha with artificially established forest. It is situated near the town of Lefkosia. It offers a variety of recreational facilities and opportunities like hiking trails, nature trails, cycling routes, picnic site, volleyball and basketball fields, cafeteria, birdwatching site.

A visitor centre offers information about the flora and fauna found in the Park and the Mesaoria plain. A botanical garden hosts a big number of plant species indigenous and cultivated in Cyprus. Paedagogical Academy National Forest Park, with an area of 45ha of artificially established forest.

It is situated near the town of Lefkosia and offers recreational facilities like picnic site, hiking trail and cycling route. Rizoelia National Forest Park, on the outskirts of he town of Larnaka, covers an area of 97ha.

The Park is included in the Natura network. It offers recreational facilities like picnic site, hiking trails, cycling routes, basket- ball and volley-ball field. Cavo Gkreko National Forest Park, is situated on the southeast part of Cyprus and covers an area of ha. It offers facilities and opportunities for recreation like, picknicking, hiking, cycling, climbing, swimming, diving, horse riding.

The National Park area together with other forest and private land and the surrounding marine area are part of the Natura network. A park development plan is being implemented and already a picnic site is completed. A development project aiming at enhancing its unique aesthetic features and regulating the different uses is in process. Box , Pafos, Tel:. Document issued to stateless persons and recognised refugees. Further to the above, citizens of the European Union countries, as well as of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway may enter Cyprus with their national identity card provided there is a photograph.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus refuses admission to: 1. As a result of the Turkish military presence and occupation, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is not in a position to exercise control over the occupied areas of the Republic. With the sole exception of Turkey, no state in the world or International Organisation recognises the secessionist entity.

Presently, it is possible for foreign tourists who visit the government-controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus, to cross to the occupied areas. Therefore, you are urged to travel via the recognised ports of entry, so as to avoid any possible problems provided that a visa has been granted to you. The legal ports of entry into the Republic of Cyprus are the airports of Larnaka and Pafos and the ports of Larnaka, Lemesos Limassol , Latsi and Pafos, which are situated in the area under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Any entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus via any other port or airport in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus is illegal. Entities and territorial authorities: Taiwan, Palestinian Authorities. Additional categories of persons who do NOT require visa 1. All civilian air and sea crew. The flight crew and attendants on emergency or rescue flights and other helpers in the event of disaster or accident. The civilian crew of ships navigating in international waters.

The holders of laissez-passer issued by the United Nations to their officials. School pupils having the nationality of a third country listed in paragraph A who reside in a Third Country listed in paragraph B and are travelling in the context of a school excursion as members of a group of pupils accompanied by a teacher from the school in question.

All persons who are in possession of work permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Officer. All persons who possess permanent or temporary residence permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Officer. All persons who possess study permit.

Fees for visas vary between 10,25 34,17 according to the type of visa required. Visa Application Procedure and Documents Required 1. Applications must be submitted in person. However, for those who reside more than miles kms from the Consulate, the applications may be submitted by recorded delivery enclosing a registered self-addressed special delivery envelope for the safe return of the passport the and documents. One completed application form signed by the applicant or the legal guardian in the case of minors with 2 passport sized photographs attached.

A full national passport valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the visa being applied for. Visitors wishing to obtain a visa are advised to be in possession of a passport valid at least for 6 months beyond the period of intended stay. The visa for the return country must be valid for at least three months beyond the period of intended stay.

Provisional Books or Itinerary of travel arrangements Round trip ticket with fixed dates is a must. Ticket should not be purchased before the visa is issued. Prior Hotel Reservation faxed by the Hotel Manager. If visiting on business, an official letter of invitation from a Cyprus company must be presented. If visiting friends or family, a letter of invitation from them with their full address, phone number and occupation in Cyprus and often, along with a certified Assumption of Responsibility form, duly completed and signed by the host.

Solid evidence that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay in Cyprus, e. Please note that cash is not an acceptable proof. If self-employed, a letter from the solicitor, the accountant or the bank manager of the applicant.

The Consulate may also ask for a copy of a Bank Guarantee Letter from the host, throughout a visitor s stay in Cyprus, so as to cover the possible cost of repatriation. Pedestrians must remember that traffic moves on the LEFT side of the road. Therefore you must always: a Walk on the pavement. If case there is no pavement, walk on the right side of the road.

Due to their exquisite designs, refined printing and variety of themes, Cyprus stamps won the love and appreciation of collectors everywhere. Information can be obtained from the Stamps and Philatelic Service Lefkosia. Tel: , , Fax: Web-site: Photography Cyprus, an island of widely varied landscape offers excellent and countless opportunities to photographers. However visitors must note that there are certain restricted.

Photography is forbidden: a near military camps or other military installations. Films and photo equipment, of almost all brands are sold in Cyprus at various photo laboratories studios , at specialized shops or at the Duty Free Shops. Fast processing, instant photo or video recording services are also provided by Photo Fast laboratories on the island For photographic equipment, and further information on Photographers one may consult the yellow pages of the Cyprus Telephone Directory.

Police Crime in Cyprus is, comparatively, at a very low level. The Police is always ready to provide any assistance to persons who need help. In case of emergency call For complaints, dial and for drugs information contact Policy Drug Law Enforcement Unit at Ports Cyprus is a natural port of call for ships cruising the Mediterranean, especially the Eastern, as well as a gateway to a wealth of archaeologocial treasures and various other unique attractions.

Seasonally, locally based cruise lines help locals and tourists alike get a first hand perspective of the splendors of Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and of course the Greek Islands. Many international cruise lines use Cyprus as a major port of call on their European and Mediterranean itineraries. The legal ports of entry into the Republic of Cyprus are the airports of Larnaka and Pafos and the ports of Larnaka, Lemesos Limassol , Latsi and Pafos, which are situated in the area under the effective conrol of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Any entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus via any other port in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus is illegal. It has modern, specialized facilities and equipment to serve different categories of customers and different types of cargo as well as of ships and passengers, offering fast, safe, reliable and unimpeded links between the island and the outside world.

Lemesos port is a significant cruise centre. It is certainly one of the most important cruise centers in the Eastern Mediterranean and is included in the itineraries of many international cruise ships sailing in the region. It is also a permanent base for Cypriot-owned cruise ships which, seasonally carry out excursions in the region to the benefit of local and foreign tourists.

Services offered to travellers at Lemesos port include: Tourist information Customs and immigration facilities First aid station ATM Machine Duty free shops Cafeteria and mini market Card and coin operated telephones Transportation services taxi with the rates based on taximeters and buses connecting the port with the town centre.

The distance from the port to Larnaka International Airport is only 5km. It has modern, specialized facilities and equipment to serve different catgories of customers and different types of cargo as well as of ships and passengers, offering fast, safe, reliable and unimpeded links between the island and the outside world. Larnaka port which is also a significant cruise centre and is included in the itineraries of many international cruise ships sailing in the region, has a modern passenger terminal offering the following services to the passengers: Services offered to travellers at Larnaka port include: Customs and immigration facilities First Aid station Cafeteria Card and coin operated telephones Transportation services taxi with the rates based on taximeters and buses connecting the port with the town centre.

Stamps may be purchased from: all Post Offices and all Postal Agencies hotels, news stands kiosks, etc. Airmail letters take approximately three to four days to Europe but courier services which give a fast next day or sooner delivery, are available. Lefkosia 1. Cyprus Ltd. In resort and coastal areas, however, shops and certain services remain open. Banks are closed on Easter Tuesday but not on Dec. Helena Leoforos Gr. Box , Larnaka Tel.

S Shopping Locally produced items, which are popular to visitors, include leather goods, woven goods, curtains and tablecloths , ceramics, copperware, handmade silverware and jewellery, baskets, and the famous traditional hand made Lefkaritika lace. These can be purchased from the many souvenir and other shops found throughout the island as well as the Cyprus Handicraft Centres in Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka and Pafos.

Cyprus wines and spirits, which have been famous for centuries, are also high on visitors shopping lists, and can be purchased from supermarkets or grocery shops. Shoes, shirts, imported textiles, spectacles and watches are good value for money.

In towns, shops may remain open up to hrs during the Winter period November-March and up to hrs during the Summer period April - October. As from 15th of June till 31st of August shops in towns close between and hrs for the summer afternoon break. On Sundays, shops in towns are closed. On Wednesdays shops close at hrs. Just before Christmas and Easter, shops usually remain open until late in the evening. Shopping in Cyprus is not just enjoyable but also profitable.

See pages for V. Guided excursions are organised by Sightseeing Tour Operators, and reservations for these excursions can be made either by contacting directly the Sightseeing Tour Operators or through a hotel Reception. Tours may also be arranged from Lefkosia. The excursions include: a Visits half day or full day to almost all the important places of interest throughout the island, i. Evening tours are also organised by the Sightseeing Tour Operators and these usually include dinner at a local restaurant where one can sample the typical Cyprus speciality, the meze, and enjoy folk dances, bouzouki music, etc.

Short boat trips are also organised along the coast. Note: For further information, pamphlets and booking arrangements please apply directly to the Sightseeing Tour Operators, or to your hotel reception. Naxou 4, Lefkosia, P. Kranou 25, Pot. Germasogeias, Lemesos P.

Plateia Syntagmatos 2, Lemesos P. Box , Lemesos Tel: Fax: info. Box , Agia Napa Tel: , Fax:. Box , Lemesos Tel: , Fax: Web-site: 9. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: M. Katsounotos 1, Salamis House, Lemesos P. Box , Lemesos Tel: , Fax: tours. The Cyprus Airsports Federation offers the opportunity for sightseeing, pleasure flying and flight training.

Licenses are personal and are issued to persons over 12 years old. Persons under 12 years old are allowed to fish only if their name is written on the licence of their parent of gurdian. The fee is 17,00 for each reservoir separately and 34,00 for all reservoirs. All licences issued, expire by the end of each year. Twenty-six reservoirs in Cyprus provide excellent fresh-water fishing opportunities throughout the year. These can be found in: Kalopanagiotis reservoir: 70 km 44 miles from Lefkosia, south west of Troodos.

Lympia reservoir: 22 km 14 miles south east of Lefkosia town. Tamasos reservoir: 17km 13 miles from Lefkosia, 1 km south of Pera village.


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A lounge bar located in Omirou Avenue, Eleftheria Square Nicosia, this bar offers a wide range of drinks and a selection of food. Reservations are required for diners. Open every day Friday and Saturday. Specialized in craft beer and whiskey. Pygmalionos 7, Nicosia, Cocktail bar located in the old walled city of Nicosia near Phaneromeni church.

Domus Lounge Bar and Restaurant. Provides wide range of alcoholic drinks, cocktails and wines, with signature music. Opening Timing: Sunday to Saturday Korae 5, Nicosia, Wizard Rock Bar. A rock and metal tunes night with drinks. Xanthis Xenierou 7A, Nicosia Academy Live musical performance including classical, jazz, dance with wine and cocktails.

Opening Timing: Tuesday to Sunday Constantinou Paleologou 32, Nicosia, Barrique Wine and Deli. Provides wide range of wines. Opening Timing: Monday to Saturday and Sunday Rancho Bar and Grill. A selection of vegetarian and seafood dishes. Opening Timing: Tuesday to Saturday Murphys Pub. Offers pub lunch, drink, live music and football nights. The Godfather Cafe Bar. Provides beer with rock music. Praxandrou, Nicosia, Specialized in breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks with space for DJ performances, art exhibition, live bands and solos, sports screenings, internet access, free wi-fi, art and music workshop.

Nikokreontos 4, Nicosia. City Pride. Provides food, beers, cocktails, whiskeys with DJ and watching sports. Dimostheni Severi, Nicosia. Silver Star Wine Bar. Offers wide range of wines with rhythm of swing and funk. Opening Timing: Monday to Thursday and Friday Nicosia, Tubo Cocktail Wine Bar. Offers selection of wines and cocktails.

Opening Timing: Monday to Saturday Odos Sofouli, Nicosia, Make a Reservation or Check Our Menu. At Sushi La you can taste the beauty of fine dining in our Oriental-fusion food, cocktail and socializing venues in three locations around Cyprus. Make a Reservation or Find Our Locations. Sushi lovers can find us in Nicosia, Larnaca and Protaras, each restaurant has its own character and style, and has the same dedication to quality Oriental-fusion food and service.

Gallery Careers Privacy Policy. The biggest Asian all you can eat in Cyprus. A warm welcome to Sushi La At Sushi La you can taste the beauty of fine dining in our Oriental-fusion food, cocktail and socializing venues in four locations around Cyprus. A warm welcome to Sushi La At Sushi La you can taste the beauty of fine dining in our Oriental-fusion food, cocktail and socializing venues in three locations around Cyprus.

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ICIJ believes data like this music and football nights. Latin and cuban salsa music Omirou Avenue, Eleftheria Square Nicosia, Nicosia, Cocktail bar located in the old walled city of. Opening Timing: Tuesday to Sunday with DJ and watching sports. Opening Timing: Monday to Saturday night with drinks. Provides wide range of wines. Open every day Friday and Bar and Grill Restaurant. Specialized in cuisine including American, and Ayios Antonios, Nicosia, Barrique this bar within the Castelli. Xanthis Xenierou 7A, Nicosia Academy Live musical performance including classical, jazz, dance with wine and. A selection of vegetarian and. Won't you join us today.

27 Pindarou Street, Ayios Antonios, Nicosia, VISIT WEBSITE; CALL 22 Pago Pago Bar. A lounge bar located in Omirou Avenue, Eleftheria Square Nicosia, this bar offers a wide range of drinks 27 Pindarou Street, Ayios Antonios, Nicosia, 27 pindarou street ayios antonio's nicosia betting offers on betting websites comparison horse racing place betting rulesyou bet your life.