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Here is an outline from SportsLine for understanding basic terms and concepts in the sports wagering industry:. Perhaps the most common question newcomers have when they see sportsbook odds is, "What do the numbers mean? While the plus and minus signs might look confusing at first, they are easily explained. Take the following listing you might see in a sportsbook:. In this example, the Giants are three-point favorites against the Cowboys. The spread is essentially a mathematical formula used to bridge the talent gap between teams and incentivize potential bettors into considering both sides. The spread is a handicap that requires the favored team to win the game by an ascribed number of points in order for the bettor to win his wager on the team.

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Ternana vs lanciano betting expert nba

Intveld said the extravaganza is the most lucrative for him of the shows they attend. We have a couple of collectors who buy some of the stuff we carry right away," Intveld said. Janet and Mike Brown, from Men- dota, Ill. On the flip side, collectors like Tammy and Perry Long, attending from Hollywood, said the show is one of the most unique because of the vast number of antique dealers who attend.

This is our first time out, too, and we are enjoying it very much," said Tammy Long, who collects early American primitive pieces. To really see everything would take almost all day. Perry and Tammy Long in raincoats traveled four hours from Hollywood to visit the extravaganza Saturday. Each month, several hundred dealers attend shows, but the thrice yearly extravaganzas attracts thou- sands. Every month we have some type of special show, but there is nothing else like the extravaganza.

It is definitely the biggest," Carlton said. The extravaganza continues today from 8a. Highway 41, Mount Dora. With well-manicured lawns, it looked fresh and untouched, with streets bearing pastoral names like Spring Flowers and Summer Clouds. But in January, when the young parents cracked open their clos- ing papers, they noticed an alarm- ing clause. Their home builder had quietly signed away the rights to the land beneath their home to its own energy company. It now had free rein deep below the surface to drill, mine or explore.

Selling underground mineral rights has long been big business in the oil- and gas-rich boomtowns of Texas, North Dakota and beyond. But homeowners here might be surprised to learn that they, too, could be part of the prospecting.

A Tampa Bay Times analysis found that D. Horton, the nation's larg- est home builder, has pocketed the rights beneath more than 2, Tampa Bay homesites, whether the homeowner realizes it or not. It's unclear what home builders expect to find deep beneath Tampa Bay's suburbs. Homes here sit on swiss-cheese blocks of water and limestone, known more for sink- holes than fuel or treasures. But with recent advances in drilling technologies includ- ing hydraulic fracturing, known as crackingg" tapping into once-un- touchable natural gas and oil re- serves, experts say builders see the deeds as lottery tickets: poten- tial jackpots buried beneath homes they can still sell at full price.

Horton representatives did not respond to calls or emails. But the builder's own words fill stacks of deeds filed since reserving the rights below homesites, includ- ing more than in Tampa Bay this year. Jernigan, Sr. Clarence G. Jerni- gan, Sr. Hewasawon- derful husband, father, grandfather and friend. He will be missed by surviving: wife, Gay- le M. Jernigan; six chil- dren, Jerry, Sue, Billy, Mike, Omer and Vivian; 17 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren; two brothers; a sister and his mother along with a long list of nieces and nephews.

We will always remember and love our Dad Pops. Online condolenc- es may be left at www. Once in Florida, they became avid ballroom dancers, attending sev- eral classes and dances weekly and participat- ing in exhibition danc- es. After Margaret died in , George contin- ued to dance at Haw- thorne at Leesburg and was always in demand as a partner.

When the time comes wouldn't you prefer your loved ones celebrate your legacy rather than stress about making arrangements? Give them the reliefgfillaI they'll need during a tough time. Contact Rob McGrath e or First time attendees only please. Free cremation does not include Travel Protection Plan.

Above all, George loved his family and was al- ways there to do any- thing he could for them. George made friends wherever he went and will be greatly missed by all who knew him. The family would like to thank his caregivers Sue Lafollette, Jenifer Jackson, and Marilyn Daniels-McLeod, who enabled him to remain independent and enjoy his favorite activities. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Illinois' manuscript, often called the "Ev- erett copy," is housed at Springfield's Abra- ham Lincoln Presiden- tial Library and Muse- um.

James Cornelius, curator of the Lincoln collection at the mu- seum, said the pres- ident wrote the copy at the request of Ed- ward Everett, the main speaker at the Gettys- burg National Ceme- tery in Pennsylvania in November of Ev- erett was collecting the speeches from Gettys- burg's dedication into one bound volume to sell for the benefit of stricken soldiers at a fair. The exact wording of the address varies among the manuscript copies and media re- ports from the time. Cornelius said the Ev- erett copy is the only handwritten copy of the address to include the phrase "under God," which the Asso- ciated Press at the time reported that Lincoln said.

Records show that in October , Illinois State Historical Library trustee Oliver Barrett suggested school chil- dren help raise the money to buy the Ever- ett copy from New York manuscript and rare books dealer Thomas Madigan.

State super- intendentVernon Nick- ell communicated the task to schools, and the fundraising drive, as a result, was nicknamed "Nickell's Nickels. Robert Iverson, the youngest in a family of eight children growing up in the Chicago sub- urbs, said he and sever- al siblings recall penny jars being stationed in classrooms for the col- lection.

The months-long ef- fort became a friend- ly competition, as fun- draising tallies were tracked across the state. Kenneth Jones, then a high school student in southern Illinois' Vandalia, was selected by his peers to present the manuscript to state officials in Springfield in March of , along with three other chil- dren from other parts of the state.

Jones died in , and family members don't recall him recol- lecting his experienc- es with the collection, though they gave the AP local newspaper clippings that had been saved about the drive. Two copies of the speech remain at the library of Congress, another at the White House and the last at Cornell University. Cornelius said the Ev- erett copy is in the best condition because of its years being sand- wiched between oth- er pages in the Gettys- burg commemorative volume.

The two-page man- uscript is currently on display at the muse- um until Dec. Now retired, he works as docent at the Lincoln museum, where he shows visi- tors the manuscript he helped bring in years ago. Irving- ton, N. At a rally Saturday, Mayor Wayne Smith said the city will perform a legal study of the proposal to use eminent do- main, which has drawn force- ful opposition from Wall Street, real estate groups and some in Washington, while gaining the support of a civil rights group typically opposed to the prac- tice.

But, when used to take control of under- water mortgages the city will "recast it so people can stay in their homes. Officials said nearly 1, homes here have been foreclosed on since The city has an unemploy- ment rate of Bureau of La- bor Statistics. Richmond, Calif. Richmond has not yet used em- inent domain. Smith said Irvington's plan would focus on so-called "pri- vate label" security mortgages, or ones that are not backed by the U.

Smith said the city will try to avoid being sued through "friendly condemnation," which offers incentives to the mort- gage owners if they agree to avoid litigation. Smith said the city needs a third party to come in and actu- ally buy the mortgages. According to Cornell Universi- ty law professor Robert C. Hock- ett, eminent domain is one of the few tools available to take over and write down an under- water mortgage because it gives municipalities the power to cir- cumvent mortgage contracts, acquire loans from bondhold- ers, write them down and give them back to the bondholders.

Mli-II pjn. Despite global outrage over the use of chemical weapons, Assad's govern- ment is successfully exploit- ing divisions among the op- position, dwindling foreign help for the rebel cause and significant local support, all linked to the same thing: dis- comfort with the Islamic ex- tremists who have become a major part of the rebellion. The battlefield gains would strengthen the government's hand in peace talks sought by the world community.

Both the Syrian govern- ment and the opposition have said they are ready to attend a proposed peace conference in Geneva that the U. The Western- backed opposition in ex- ile, which has little support among rebel fighters inside Syria and even less control over them, has set several conditions for its participa- tion, chief among them that Assad must not be part of a transitional government - a notion Damascus has roundly rejected.

And the more the gov- ernment advances, the eas- ier it is to dismiss the weak and fractious opposition's demands. What do you have? The latest to fall was Hejeira, which army troops swept through Wednesday, just days after capturing the ad- jacent suburb of Sbeineh. The troops were quick- ly followed by state tele- vision cameras eager to broadcast the victory: a two-starred government flag triumphantly plant- ed amid bombed-out build- ings, twisted rebar and rub- ble-strewn streets.

Berlusconi aban- doned the character- istic defiance he has shown after previous stinging setbacks by reaching out to Deputy Premier Angelino Alfa- no to try to forge a po- litical alliance to op- pose his enemies on the left. The ex-premier blames his many trou- bles, including a loom- ing ban on seeking election following a tax fraud conviction, on a judiciary he claims sympathizes with the left.

Such a ban would still allow him to lead a political party. Premier Enrico Let- ta's center-left Demo- cratic Party is the lead partner in an unusual, 6-month-old governing coalition with Berlus- coni's center-right forc- es. Whether the schism in Berlusconi's Free- dom People fold will have repercussions on Italy's fragile govern- ment, which has been struggling to pull the country out of a persis- tent recession, wasn't immediately clear. Alfano, who also serves as interior min- ister in Letta's govern- ment, called a news conference for later Saturday.

In his first public comments about the schism an emotion- al Berlusconi told sup- porters that Alfano's de- cision deeply pains him and that he "didn't sleep last night. Berlusconi said fail- ure for the center-right to pull together would have dire consequenc- es for Italy i i Board Certified. No tattoo art- ists inscribing crosses on the wrists of babies or images of saints on the arms of young men.

No stalls selling cross- es, icons or pillows em- broidered with por- traits of patriarchs. The only noise dis- turbing the quiet of the Monastery of Mar Gir- gis these days is the call for prayers blaring from the nearby mosque.

The week-long festi- val of Mar Girgis, or St. George, has been held here annually for more than a century, attract- ing as many as 2 million pilgrims from across Egypt to one of the big- gest and most exuber- ant events of the year for Orthodox Coptic Christians. This year, however, the government can- celed the festival, fear- ing it would be a target for Islamic militants who have stepped up attacks since the July 3 ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

The cancellation - along with those of two similar festivals the past few months has fed Christians' fears that they are not benefiting as they had hoped from publicly supporting the military's remov- al of Morsi. Their worst fear, some say, is the discrimination against them will endure. Christian activists have been pushing for solid gains after the re- moval of Islamists from power.

They want the revised constitution to clearly state that all Egyptians are equal and to remove draconian restrictions placed on the construction and restoration of churches. They also want an end to the illegal but rou- tine practice of deny- ing Christians top po- sitions in the military, security services, aca- demia and the judicia- ry.

George, Monastery, south of the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt. The troubled coun- try has been closely aligned with the U. Rama's announce- ment Friday was met by cheers from hun- dreds of protesters on Tirana's streets, some wearing gas masks and waving Albania flags. The global chemi- cal weapons watchdog says it is still confident it can eradicate Syria's 1,ton arsenal out- side the country by the middle of next year.

But the refusal leaves open the question of where that will happen. Russia, which is in the process of destroy- ing its Cold war-era chemical weapons ar- senal, has rejected sug- gestions over the past two months that they could be liquidated on its territory. The Russian U. Russia, Syria's most important ally, and Syrian President Bashar Assad's govern- ment quickly agreed on the broad proposal. Disarmament opera- tion started more than a month ago with in- spections.

Machinery used to mix chemicals and fill empty muni- tions was smashed, ending the Syrian gov- ernment's capability to make new weapons. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says the "most critical" chemicals will be re- moved from Syria by Dec. Tired of the slow pace? Patients may request copies of their medical records by sending a written request to: Roger W. A fighter on the government side said one of his comrades was shot dead in the combat in the Tajoura neighborhood of eastern Tripoli, speaking on condition of anonymity be- cause he was not authorized to brief journalists.

A hospital offi- cial later said that three others were killed and 13 people were wounded. He too spoke anony- mously for the same reasons. The militia that attacked the base is from the city of Misrata and had agreed not to enter the base, Col. Tripoli has been on edge since other militiamen from Misrata opened fire Friday on protesters who had been demanding the disbanding of unlawful armed groups, killing 43 and wounding , the Interior Ministry told LANA.

Many stores in the city were closed on Saturday. Tripoli offi- cials have declared a three-day mourning period. France's Socialist gov- ernment in late October suspended the tax, which initially was the focus of sometimes violent dem- onstrations in the region of Brittany, where oppo- nents donned red caps and torched the still-un- used payment kiosks. Need Tax Help? Call Open Year Round.

Temperature bands are today's highs for the day. T-stornnis Mi SiOW 1 "" Flurriesn Icea states Low 14' in Pinedale, WY The solunar period schedule allows planning days so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during those times. Major periods begin at the times shown and last for 1.

The minor periods are shorter. Major Minor Major Minor Today am. Monday a. Marie Seattle Shreveport Spokane Syracuse Topeka Tucson Tulsa Washington, DC Wilmington, DE Today Hi Lo W 59 49 s 64 71 sh 64 32 pc 55 36 sh 50 41 sh 64 51 t 40 32sf 63 52 sh 62 32 pc 73 48 pc 74 40 pc 67 62 c 67 60 c Monday Hi LOW 59 49 s 84 70 sh 56 32 s 39 23 sn 49 43 r 69 46 pc 40 35 r 56 34 sh 55 30 s 76 49s 61 38 s 70 43 pc 68 40 r Weather W : s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego Today Hi LOW 70 63 c 71 38s 56 29 c 67 61 c 74 56 pc 65 47 t 53 50 pc 50 44 c 60 59 c 71 63c 55 28 s 70 63 c 63 40 s 75 40 t 45 34 pc 85 62 pc 63 55 pc Monday Hi LOW 72 46 pc 64 37s 48 31 s 70 41 r 77 54s 50 32 sh 59 37 r r 66 39r 72 41 pc 58 38s 74 42 pc 65 44s s 52 38 pc 76 53 pc 65 58 pc 1 Sports la sports dailycommercial.

UCF's last possession started at its own 19, with no timeouts. Overtime seemed likely until Blake Bortles found Hall deep to get to the Temple 6. Bortles managed to get the ball spiked with 2 seconds left and Moffitt booted through the game winner to keep UCF 8- 1, in control of the American Athletic Con- ference race. Bortles com- pleted 27 of 38 attempts and finished with a ca- reer-high yards pass- ing and four touchdowns. Freshman P. Walker was spectacular for Tem- ple , , with a sea- son-high yards pass- ing, four TD passes and a touchdown run.

He fin- ished 26 of He runs five days a week, logging up to 40 miles on foot, swims two days a week and cycles two days a week. Johnson has completed half mara- thons, multiple triath- lons and now has his eyes set on an Iron- man and the Boston Marathon, perhaps as early as next year. Yet as the most dominant driver of the decade closes in on his sixth NAS- CAR championship in eight years, his ac- complishments fail to earn proper due.

The Eagles wrapped up the best season in school history with a record and snapped Orlando Christian Prep's five-game win- ning streak in the pro- cess, sending the War- FAL's Byron Masoline heads for the end zone to seal the game. First Academy of Leesburg put the game away with a 21 point outburst in the fourth quarter.

The Eagles took their final lead of the game with five minutes to play when Masoline scored on a three yard run and pound kicker Jacob Heins booted the extra point to give the Eagles a lead. The drive included a yard run by Dude Edwards and yard dash by Ojay Cummings to set up Masoline's game win- ner. Five plays lat- er, Masoline scored the championship-clinch- ing touchdown. He capped off the scoring with a seven- yard run with 11 sec- onds to play.

First Academy out- scored the Warriors 14 in the second half. The Eagles came out of the locker room to start the third quar- ter with more fire than it entered with and marched down the field on a play, yard drive. Mount St. Mary's at UMBC, 2 p. Duquesne at West Virginia, 4 p. Howard at Pittsburgh, 5 p. Towson at Villanova, 5p. FAU at Boston College, 8 p.

Delaware at Hampton, 2 p. Marshall at Morehead St. Bethune-Cookman at UCF, 2 p. Chowan at UNC Greensboro, 2 p. Belmont at North Carolina, 4 p. South Carolina at Clemson, 5 p. Oregon St. Robert Morris at Kentucky, 7p. Peter's at Kent St. Valparaiso at Ohio, 2 p. James Madison vs. San Jose St. Michigan, 2 p. SC State at Nebraska, 3 p. Long Beach St. Abilene Christan at Iowa, p.

Milwaukee at N. Illinois, p. Stony Brook at Indiana, 5 p. Michigan at Iowa St. Bradley at Illinois, 6 p. Rider at Purdue, 7p. Illinois St. IPFW vs. Louisiana-Lafayette at Baylor, 5 p. Illinois at Pacific, 5 p. Charleston Southern at New Mexico, p. Arizona at Loyola Marymount, 7 p.

Oakland at Gonzaga, 8 p. Washington at Washington, 8 p. Pacifica at UC Irvine, 10 p. Joseph's Ind. The extra point gave the Eagles a lead. OCP regained the lead on its next pos- session on a yard score in the third quar- ter on a quarterback sneak by Stephen Ma- rinas. The touchdown was set up three plays earlier when Marinas found Damoni Rodarte all alone for a yard completion that moved the ball to the five yard line.

The Warriors scored early in the fourth quarter when south- paw quarterback Con- nor Marchionda hit Chrishon Frazier on the sidelines for an apparent short gain- er. Frazier, however, turned the play into a yard score that gave them a lead with 9 minutes, 40 seconds to play FAL responded with a yard zigging, sag- ging scoring run by Masoline that followed back-to-back person- al foul penalties that UCF FROM PAGE B1 all-time against the Top 25 opponents. Bortles threw a yard touchdown pass to J.

Worton to tie the score at 36 left. Indiana 9 0 1. Clippers 6 3. Lakers 4 7. Clippers, late Sunday's Games Portland at Toronto, 1p. Memphis at Sacramento, 6 p. Detroit at L. Lakers, p. Monday's Games Portland at Brooklyn, p. Charlotte at Chicago, 8 p. Denver at Oklahoma City, 8 p.

Philadelphia at Dallas, p. Golden State at Utah, 9 p. Memphis at L. Clippers, p. Masoline's touchdown closed the margin to six points with about nine minutes to play Orlando Christian Prep dressed more players for the game than First Academy of Leesburg, which had only 16 players avail- able. The Warriors also had more size and speed and wasted lit- tle time using both to their advantage in the game's opening min- utes. On their second of- fensive play of the game, Marinas found Derrick Guyton behind the Eagles secondary on a yard comple- tion that gave the War- riors a first-and at the First Academy of Leesburg yard line.

Two plays later, full- back Frazier blasted over from nine yards out to give the Warriors an early lead. The Eagles had a chance to even the score late in the first quarter when they mounted a drive that began at the yard line. Behind a steady Worton made a div- ing, one-handed catch in the left corner of the end zone.

Worton finished with a career-high yards receiving on 10 catch- es and pulled in three touchdowns. Y Rang New Jerse N. On a first-down play, Masoline darted his way into the red zone, but had the ball poked away and picked up by the Warriors to snuff out a potential score. The Eagles were able to move the ball be- tween the yard lines, but struggled each time they ap- proached the red zone, Orlando Christian Prep was able to turn away scoring opportunities.

In the closing sec- onds of the first half, with the Eagles threat- ing to score, an offen- sive pass interference penalty moved the ball outside the 20 and quarterback David El- liott had a pass into the end zone intercepted by Stephen Marinas. It was Elliott's second in- terception of the first half. The Ea- gles totaled yards of offense, compared to lead with to play when he found tight end Chris Parthemore for a touchdown, and then a 2-point conversion.

That was how it went Saturday in a game that featured 10 lead chang- es. The first half alone of- fered five touchdowns, Anaheim 22 15 5 2 32 71 56 San Jose 20 13 2 5 31 71 45 Phoenix 20 13 4 3 29 67 63 Los Angeles 20 13 6 1 27 57 46 Vancouver 21 11 7 3 25 55 56 Calgary 19 6 10 3 15 52 71 Edmonton 21 4 15 2 10 49 81 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for over- time loss. Y Islanders, late Carolina at St. Louis at Washington, 6p. Los Angeles at N. Y Rangers, 7 p.

San Jose at Chicago, 7 p. Winnipeg at Minnesota, 8 p. Dallas at Vancouver, 8 p. Monday's Games Boston at Carolina, 7 p. Anaheim at Pittsburgh, p. Calgary at Winnipeg, 8 p. Carpi Cesena vs. Cittadella Empoli vs. Virtus Lanciano Latina vs. Bari Pescara vs. Ternana Calcio Siena vs.

Spezia Trapani vs. Novara Varese vs. Crotone Avellino vs. MK Dons Ppd. Coventry Monday's Match Walsall vs. But four turnovers two fumbles and two inter- ceptions proved to be the Eagles' undoing. The Warriors held Masoline in check, pre- venting the Eagles se- nior running back from breaking any long runs and kicking away from him on punts and kick- offs. Masoline, who en- tered the game with more than 1, yards rushing, was limited to 45 yards on 11 car- ries in the first half be- fore coming alive in the second half.

He fin- ished with yards on 22 carries. Edwards had yards on 12 carries and Cummings totaled 80 yards on 10 carries. As a team, the Eagles had yards rushing. With the exception of two big passing plays, the Warriors were left frustrated by the Ea- gles defense. Orlando Christian Prep had 89 yards rushing and yards passing of which came on three plays.

Temple and UCF combined for 75 points, 1, total yards and 50 first downs. But in the end, it was Moffitt's yard field goal that separated the two. FS1 Towson at Villanova 7 p. FOX S. F at New Orleans 8 p. Fel- low drivers rallied to the defense of Johnson, who stayed silent on the subject until Saturday morning.

Johnson Tweeted his response, posting: "The debate continues Everyone is entitled. There is way too much venom spewed these days," he tweeted in response. And that was his final word on the subject as Johnson headed off for the final two practice sessions before Sunday's season finale race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

He can win his sixth championship by fin- ishing 23rd or better. Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick both need for something to go terribly wrong with Johnson's Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet on the track or to have any shot at snatching the title. A spokeswoman for Johnson said he would have no further comment on McNabb beyond his Saturday morning tweets She said Johnson was focused only on preparing the No.

And should Johnson win the title, at 38 he would be four years younger than Earn- hardt was when he won his sixth. Roger Federer won 16 of 27 Grand Slams from Michael Phelps won 18 gold medals in three Olympics from to Tiger Woods won four consecutive majors in and , and seven overall from Rick Hendrick plucked the relatively un- known Johnson out of the Nationwide Series in late to be the driver of his new fourth car.

He has been fighting for years to get Johnson more respect. When sports are being played in Lake County, we want to report it and we need your help. Directors and coaches of recreational and youth leagues can send game results, statistics, team and action photos, and we'll publish them in the newspaper and on our website. Proud parents can send us individual photos and accomplishments. Just email them to sports dailycommercial. Anselm 41 Bethany WV 56, St. Maritime 20 Brockport 43, Morrisville St.

U,-I I. Connecticut 37, Westfield St. New England 62, Nichols 37 Wagner 10, St. Francis Pa. Arkansas 17, Nicholls St. Lynchburg 0 UT-Martin 16, E. Michigan 27, W. Michigan 22 E. Illinois 52, Jacksonville St. Mary Kan. Texas Baptist 34, Sul Ross St. Oklahoma 38 Oklahoma 48, Iowa St. Oregon 31, Montana Tech 10 Sacramento St. Oregon 27, Humboldt St. FSU-Whitfield 74 run Aguayo kick , FSU-Freeman 4 run Aguayo kick , FSU-Casher 31 fumble return Aguayo kick , Florida St.

Green , Winston 5- minus Miller 70 run Basil kick , OSU-Hyde 18 pass from B. Miller Basil kick , OSU-Roby 63 interception return Basil kick , Brown 11 pass from B. Miller Ba- sil kick , III-Benley 67 punt return Zalewski kick , OSU-Hyde 8 run Basil kick , Ill-Hull 19 pass from Scheelhaase Zalewski kick , OSU-Safety, OSU-Hyde 1 run Basil kick , Fourth Quarter Scheelhaase 5 run Osei pass from Scheel- haase , II -I'.

Miller , Wilson , Guiton Miller , Guiton Illinois, Scheelhaase Brown , Fields , Hyde , D. Smith , Spencer Thomas 8 pass from Mariota Wogan kick , Ore-FG Wogan 31, Second Quarter Utah-J. Murphy 34 pass from Schulz Phillips kick , Ore-Huff 5 pass from Mariota Wogan kick , Third Quarter Utah-Schulz 4 run Phillips kick , Thomas 86 kickoff return kick failed , Ore-Mundt 14 pass from Mariota Wogan kick , Ore-Marshall 17 run Wogan kick , Fourth Quarter Ore-Marshall 16 run Wogan kick , Utah-Poole 10 run Phillips kick , Anderson , Team 1- minus 1.

Oregon, Mar- shall , Tyner , Forde , D. Thomas , Roseberry , Mari- ota 4- minus Oregon, Mari- ota , Lockie Anderson , Denham , J. Murphy , Hatfield , Norwood , Fitzgerald , Radley Oregon, Addison , Huff , D. Thomas , Hawkins , Brown , Baylis , Mundt Aub-Grant 21 run Parkey kick , Geo-Gurley 9 run Morgan kick , Aub-Marshall 6 run Parkey kick , Aub-Mason 24 run Parkey kick , Geo-FG Morgan 37, Third Quarter Geo-Murray 16 run Morgan kick , Aub-Marshall 5 run Parkey kick , Geo-Wooten 5 pass from Murray Morgan kick , Geo-Lynch 24 pass from Murray Morgan kick , Geo-Murray 5 run Morgan kick , Aub-Louis 73 pass from Marshall pass failed , Auburn, Mason , Marshall , Louis , Grant Auburn, Marshall , Johnson Auburn, Louis , Coates , M.

Tex-FG Fera 39, Brown 7 run Fera kick , OkSt-Gilbert43 interception return Grogan kick , OkSt-FG Grogan 39, Moore 21 pass from Chelf Grogan kick , Smith , Childs , Staley , TMoore Texas, Malcol. Brown , Bergeron , Swoopes , D. Johnson , M. Johnson 1- minus 5. Texas, McCoy , Swoopes Smith , Ateman Texas, M. Davis , Shipley , Bergeron , M.

Johnson 44, Sanders , Malcol. Brown , D. Johnson MSU-Shelton 5 run Geiger kick , Neb-Burtch 32 pass from Armstrong Smith kick , MSU-Langford 6 run Geiger kick , Third Quarter Neb-Cross 51 run Smith kick , MSU-Langford 3 run Geiger kick , Neb-Bell 38 pass from Armstrong Smith kick , MSU-Langford 37 run Geiger kick , Neb-Abdullah 12 pass from Kellogg Smith kick , Nebraska, Armstrong , Kellogg Tem-Walker 3 run Visco kick , Tem-Anderson 30 pass from Walker Visco kick , Tem-Parthemore 7 pass from Walker Parthemore pass from Walker , Johnson , Bortles , Hall , Stanback Temple, Harper , Walker , Gilmore , Z.

Williams Temple, Walker , Fitzpatrick Johnson 24, Stanback , Tukes , Reese Wis-Gordon 1 run Russell kick , Wis-FG Russell 31, Wis-FG Russell 36, Second Quarter Wis-Abbrederis 32 run Russell kick , Ind-FG Ewald 23, Wis-Abbrederis 49 run Russell kick , Fourth Quarter Wis-Clement 19 run Russell kick , Wis-Clement 21 run Russell kick , Wisconsin, Stave Richardson 4 run Netten kick , Okl-FG Hunnicutt 22, Okl-Saunders 91 punt return Hunnicutt kick , Third Quarter Okl-Dam.

Williams 69 run Hunnicutt kick , Okl-FG Hunnicutt 32, OkI-Clay 63 run Hunnicutt kick , Fourth Quarter OkI-T. Knight56 run Hunnicutt kick , Williams 19 run Hunnicutt kick , Okl-Ripkowski 3 pass from K. Thompson Hunnicutt kick , Richardson , Woody , Rohach 8- mi- nus Oklahoma, Dam. Williams , T. Knight , Clay , Finch , K.

Thompson , Ross , Bell , Team 1- minus 5 , Saunders 1- minus 9. Richardson Oklahoma, T. Knight , Bell , K. Thompson Williams , Ripkowski DUKE 48, No. Mia-Coley 79 punt return Goudis kick , Duke-Connette 2 run Martin kick , Mia-Waters 5 pass from Morris Goudis kick , Mia-FG Goudis 32, Duke-Connette 3 run Martin kick , Third Quarter Duke-Connette 1 run Martin kick , Mia-Waters 50 pass from Morris Goudis kick , Mia-FG Goudis 31, Duke-FG Martin 48, Fourth Quarter Duke-Connette 4 run Martin kick , Duke-Powell 33 run Martin kick , Duke-FG Martin 32, Crawford , Clements , Edwards , Morris , Hagens Duke, Boone i, Connette Crawford , Hagens , M.

Lewis , Walford , Coley , Scott The Tigers 1, Southeastern Conference had blown a lead but pulled out one more huge play to continue the biggest turnaround in major college foot- ball. Auburn's Nick Marshall heaved the ball downfield with two defenders around Louis. It bounced off safety Tray Matthews and right into Louis's hands.

The redshirt quarter- back completed of- 21 passes for yards and two touchdowns as the Seminoles rolled during the Atlantic Coast Conference game. News broke Wednesday that Winston was under in- vestigation for an al- leged sexual assault that took place Dec. On the field, it was business as usual for the Seminoles , on Saturday.

They led after the first quarter. Syracuse , was held scoreless until late in the fourth quarter. But even with Hyde's offensive explosion, the Buckeyes , Big Ten needed a third-quarter defensive stop and safety to se- cure the win. After trailing in the second quar- ter, Illinois , closed to in the third on two Nathan Scheelhaase touch- down passes. Oregon's sophomore quarterback threw for yards and three touchdowns and the sixth-ranked Ducks rebounded from last week's loss to Stanford with a victory over Utah on Saturday.

Mariota went into the game with ques- tions about the health of his left knee, which impacted his mobility in the loss to the Cardinal. Chelf also threw two scoring pass- es as Oklahoma State , Big 12 won in Austin for the third straight time. This one may renew pressure on Texas coach Mack Brown, who was dealt his worst home loss in 16 seasons at a time when speculation about his job security had just begun quieting down.

Jeremy Langford ran 32 times for yards and scored two touch- downs, and Keith Mumphrey caught a yard touchdown from Connor Cook in the fourth quarter after the Cornhuskers pulled within six points. The Spartans , beat the Huskers , for the first time in eight all-time meetings. The Badgers , Big Ten came in expecting a big game on the ground against the conference's 10th- ranked rushing de- fense with the Hoosiers , giving up an average of more than yards a game.

Wisconsin topped that just minutes into the second quarter, had yards rushing at the half and finished with Indiana's high-fly- ing offense, mean- while, was nowhere to be found. Second in the conference at yards a game, the Hoosiers were held to just yards. Trevor Knight led the way as Stoops record- ed win No. The Blue Devils' change-of-pace quar- terback had touch- down runs of 1, 2, 3 and 4 yards, and threw a yard TD to Shaq Powell while leading Duke , to one of the program's most significant wins.

Watt elbow. Oakland at Houston, 1 p. Jets at Buffalo, 1 p. Atlanta at Tampa Bay, 1 p. Detroit at Pittsburgh, 1 p. Washington at Philadelphia, 1 p. Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1 p. Arizona at Jacksonville, 1p. San Diego at Miami, p. Minnesota at Seattle, p. San Francisco at New Orleans, p. Green Bay at N. Giants, p. Kansas City at Denver, p. Open: Dallas, St. Louis New England at Carolina, p. New England at Carolina, p. Next Week Thursday's Game Nov. Jacksonville at Houston, 1 p.

San Diego at Kansas City, 1 p. Chicago at St. Louis, 1 p. Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 1 p. Tampa Bay at Detroit, 1 p. Jets at Baltimore, 1 p. Carolina at Miami, 1 p. Tennessee at Oakland, p. Indianapolis at Arizona, p. Dallas at N. Denver at New England, p. The NFC South rivals have just three victo- ries between them, yet remain confident they are capable of rebound- ing to enjoy greater suc- cess over the remainder of their schedules. A year after going a NFC-best and fin- ishing one victory shy of reaching the Super Bowl, the Falcons have been beset with injuries.

They would be deep in the division cellar if not for Tampa Bay's even slower start. The Bucs opened with eight straight losses before becoming the last team in the league to win last Monday night. But every week, we're just trying to get batter and trying to find ways to win games," said At- lanta receiver Rod- dy White, who's been hampered by injuries all season, including a sore left hamstring that sidelined him for three games one of them the Falcons' vic- tory over the Bucs at home on Oct.

Still, there's no escap- ing that until the Bucs faced the Dolphins, they had not played well enough for an en- tire game to win. The Bucs held fourth- quarter leads in four of their eight setbacks, losing each time in the final 89 seconds of reg- ulation or overtime. They enter a rematch against the Falcons on Sunday eager to build on giving Seattle fits before falling in OT two weeks ago, and finally getting over the hump against Miami.

The Falcons have not gotten the desired re- sults this season, but coach Mike Smith doesn't fault the team's effort. Everybody has high expectations and nobody has higher ex- pectations than our players," Smith said. The season is not over," the coach added. The Fal- cons averaged 1-yard per carry against Tam- pa Bay last month, fin- ishing with 18 yards on 18 attempts.

Ryan stepped up to pace an eight-point Atlanta win, completing 20 of 26 passes for yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Rookie QB Mike Glennon had his first fourth-quarter come- back win against Mi- ami, leading an yard drive that put the Bucs ahead for good with 10 minutes remain- ing. Before throwing a third-quarter intercep- tion, the third-round draft pick attempted consecutive pass- es without a pick. He hasn't been flashy, but he has improved steadily in six starts.

Falcons defense be- ware. The Bucs have scored on gadget plays the past two games. The Swede was at under and is trying to become the first player to win the FedEx Cup and Euro- pean title in the same year. Victor Dubuisson of France, coming off a victory in Turkey for his first European Tour win, was in second place after a Eng- land's Ian Poulter 66 and Spain's Alejandro Canizares 70 shared third place, another three shots back.

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Manchester United a few weeks without Pogba. Marseille suspended head coach. Ajax goalkeeper banned for a year. Advertising Link to us. United States.


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Tuesday, Jan. The Lakers won big when the two met a couple days ago. Los Angeles Lakers , Away vs. A point second quarter by the Lakers on Sunday let them coast to an point win over the Rockets. After resting the game prior, Anthony Davis was sharp, hitting nine of 12 shots on the night. Davis finished with 27 points in 30 minutes, while also grabbing four rebounds and swatting three shots. LeBron James was less aggressive, totaling 18 points, seven rebounds and seven assists.

He is currently listed as questionable for tonight, as he continues to deal with an ankle injury. The veteran Eric Gordon also looks to be truly questionable with a leg injury. Houston is the loser of three of its last four games. James Harden has been less aggressive in trying to score, proven by him eclipsing 20 points in two of his last four games. However, he has averaged 11 assists over these four games. He will need to play a big part in helping to slow Davis today, if the Rockets want to have any chance at taking the win.

The odds expressed are from a. EST on Jan. Follow us on all of our social channels! Date: League: Serie B. Category: Soccer Prediction. Result: won. Preview: On For this football match the tipster koki will pick a favorite team to win or he can choose a draw between Lanciano and Ternana. The money line tip is a win for no one Draw in the Full Time and for this, the tipster stakes 10 at the odds 3. From this Soccer 1x2 prediction, koki can make a possible profit of Hello, before the holidays thinking to try one of the most corrupt Championships in Italy - Serie B match between the 15 - th and 21 - st in the standings or more precisely, the former team of nashenetsat Valeri Bojinov - Terna of Terni and visiting Lancia - Virtus Lanqing.

In a few sentences I will say that their games in-between them have always ended with a goal in each door and most were just one, which means a draw. About koki All: Profit: All: Won: Void: 1 Lost: Ternana vs Lanciano - 1x2 Prediction was last modified: by Prediction Preview. Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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